How to remove wax from clothes

It is difficult to imagine a birthday party, a romantic dinner, New Year, Easter and other events without candles. Sometimes candles may be needed when the lights are turned off, and then you will definitely not do without them.

How to remove wax from clothes?

Getting on the clothes, the wax from the candles tightly eats into the fibers of the fabric, leaving unpleasant stains on it that need to be removed. Just do it is not so easy! But do not worry, there are many proven ways - how to remove wax from clothes. It is enough to know them, and you will save your favorite dress, blouse or trousers from an unpleasant wax spot.

How to remove wax from clothes?

Wax is a substance of animal or vegetable origin., composed of esters, fatty acids and other components. The wax has a plastic structure., moisture-proof, able to melt at low temperatures.

There are several ways to help you get rid of wax on the fabric:

  1. Do not wash clothes., when there was such a nuisance. Wax tends to spread, which may serve to contaminate an even larger surface of the fabric.
  2. If you do not know how to put a thing in order, try putting it in the freezer for a few hours. During this time, the clothes will become hard, and you will be able to scrape off some of the wax using the back of the knife or plastic spatula. Scraping must be done carefully, so as not to damage the fibers of the fabric and even more not to spoil the clothes. If the thing is voluminous, you can freeze only the part that you soiled. To do this, put the item in a plastic bag and with a special freezing spray or ice cubes strongly freeze the stained area. Then do the exact same scraping procedure.
  3. Iron and paper napkins can be used.. Wipes can be replaced with any other paper object (paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper, etc.). Heat the iron to 90 degrees. Place the stain between 2 napkins (a napkin under the cloth and a napkin on the spot itself). Smooth the spot area, remove the napkins and replace them with new ones. The process must be repeated several times until the wax is completely removed. Paper napkins will absorb the stain, and your clothes will get rid of unnecessary "decor".

How to remove wax from clothes with an iron?

How to remove wax from clothes?

  • If a greasy stain remains on the fabric after removing the wax, soak the item in accordance with the recommendations on the label. You can remove the wax stain with the help of ordinary soap without fragrances, special soap "Antipyatin" or any other stain remover. After washing, the fabric should not be stained.
  • Stop using different solvents.(alcohol, gasoline, acetone, White spirit, etc.), because after using them the fabric may lose color or deteriorate completely.
  • It is more difficult to get rid of wax on clothes, if it is colored. In this case, do not heat the stain so that the color of the wax does not soak into the fabric. Therefore, colored wax is removed by freezing and scraping. After scraping, treat the remaining stain with a 10% borax solution. To remove stains, wipe the cloth with a weak solution of citric acid and sodium chloride. After these manipulations wash the thing. From the stain should not remain a trace.
  • For delicate fabrics, exposure to hot iron is undesirable., therefore, the wax stain is excreted with liposoluble agents. Dampen a cotton pad in any fat-dissolving agent, put it on the stain and leave. After 20 minutes, once again apply the solvent to the stain and rub it with a brush with coarse bristles. After washing the item in the washing machine, use the powder.
  • For removing wax stains from natural fabrics You will need the usual dishwashing detergent ("Ferry", "Myth", "Little Sort, etc.). Leave overnight, then rub the soiled place and wash the thing in the washing machine.

How to remove wax from clothes with washing?

  • If you are soiled suede clothes, just hold the wax over the hot steam and brush it with a suede brush. You can try to use another tool: dilute 2 to. Ammonia in 100 ml of water. The resulting solution, wipe the stain until it disappears.

Do not be afraid to stain your clothes with wax., because now you know the means to fix the problem. Removing it from clothes is not easy, but possible. No need to give up the decor of a romantic dinner with candles. Using the above tools and armed with stain removers,You can easily eliminate the stain of wax, returning the clothes to its former purity and attractiveness. and not using dry cleaning services.

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