How to remove the cud from clothes

Chewing gum not only cleans the mouth of the remnants of food, but also causes a lot of trouble when it sticks to clothes.

Cud stick to things can in different situations. For example, you can take the cud in public transport, on the bench or at work. But how to remove the gum from clothing? Do not rush to put an end to your favorite things - there is a solution!

How to remove chewing gum from clothes: from trousers, jeans?How to remove chewing gum from clothes: from trousers, jeans?

Remove the gum from clothing can, using the available tools. By showing patience and perseverance, you will return your things to their former novelty.

How to remove the gum from the pants method of freezing?

There are several ways to remove chewing gum from clothing. Frost - This is one of the most effective.

Put the item (for example, pants) in a plastic bag. Arrange it so that the place where the chewing gum is stuck is on top. After 2 hours, put the bag in the freezer. If it is winter outside, you can take the package to the balcony and leave it for 2 hours. When the thing is frozen, removing the gum will be easier. Carefully peel it off so as not to damage the clothes.


  • If the gum sticks to the bag, put the item on top of the bag, not into it.
  • The clothes are put in such a way that they do not touch the edges of the freezer.
  • When you peel the cud, it should not melt. If the gum melted, put the item back in the freezer or try to freeze the gum with pieces of ice.
  • If the gum is not stuck to clothes, but to the sofa, freeze the gum with ice cubes, alternately applying them to the “gum-stricken place” until it is completely frozen.
  • To freeze the bubble gum, you can use a special freezing spray, which is sold in the store.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes: from trousers, jeans?

How to remove the gum from jeans by boiling?

If you do not want to freeze clothes or you need to urgently remove the gum, you can try to make it with boiling water.

To do this, boil water and pour jeans with bubble gum with boiling water. After that, remove the gum from your jeans with a toothbrush or clothes brush. You can also lower the place to which the chewing gum has stuck in boiling water. When the water has cooled to a comfortable state, try to remove the gum directly in the water using a sharp knife. When you remove the cud from your jeans, hold them in water, wipe the fabric. Dry the item and repeat the procedure if necessary.

If, after boiling water on jeans, a piece of gum still remains, try using iron. Take a few paper napkins, put them on jeans so that the chewing gum is on the napkin. On the back of the jeans, iron the gum place with an iron. In this case, the gum will just stick to the napkin, leaving no trace on the jeans. This method is perfect when there is no time for freezing and boiling.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes: from trousers, jeans?

How to remove chewing gum from clothes using liquids?

  • Alcohol. Lubricate a cotton pad with alcohol and wipe the place of clothing where the gum is stuck. The gum should be removed from the clothes without a trace. But this method is more suitable for removing gum residues from clothes.
  • Gasoline - Great tool for removing gum from clothing. Only gasoline must be natural! Use gasoline carefully, as this is a flammable product. If you do not have gasoline, use vodka or alcohol - they will give exactly the same effect. Pour a small amount of gasoline to the place where the chewing gum is stuck, and it will easily rid your clothes of chewing gum. To get rid of the smell, just wash your clothes with powder and fabric softener. To remove the gum from clothing, you need a little gasoline.
  • Vinegar. This method is ideal for delicate fabrics. Pour vinegar into the tin container and heat it on the stove. In a heated vinegar, lower the toothbrush and immediately begin rubbing the cloth with the sticky gum until the vinegar is cold. Continue the procedure until the gum is completely away from the fabric. Re-heat the vinegar if necessary. To get rid of the vinegar odor, wash your clothes.
  • Liquid soap. Apply a small amount of liquid soap to the place where the chewing gum is stuck. Rub the soap into the cloth using a clothes brush. When the fabric soaks up liquid soap, use a blunt knife to remove the gum from clothing, trying not to damage the thing. After the procedure, wash it in the washing machine.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes using liquids?

  • Detergents(dishwashing detergents) - they also quite effectively remove the gum from clothes. The procedure is carried out in the same way as with liquid soap.
  • Acetone. This method is not recommended for delicate fabrics, otherwise you will spoil the clothes. Wipe the clothes with chewing gum with acetone or an odorless nail polish remover. Wipe until chewing gum leaves clothes. After the procedure, wash the thing.

Getting rid of gum from clothes is not so difficult., the main thing is not to delay this matter, otherwise the process will be more difficult. Chewing gum with clothes must be removed carefully so as not to damage the fabric and not to spoil the thing!

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