How to remove rust from clothes

In our life, it is not uncommon for us to put a complicated spot on our favorite clothes. Contaminants come in a variety of backgrounds: grease, sweat, coffee, ink, paint, and even rust.

Rust on clothes may appear for various reasons: from contact with old metal, from washing with numerous rivets decorating a thing, because of dirty water, etc. If you do not want to part with your favorite clothes, rust should be removed from it urgently, using simple and affordable methods.

Remove rust from white clothes: ways

How to remove rust from clothes?

  1. With white clothes, rust stains can be removed in many ways. Mix tartaric acid and salt in equal proportions, add a little water and mix everything. Put the prepared mixture on the stain, place the product in the sun and wait until the pollution has completely disappeared. After rinsing clothes in cool water, then wash in a washing machine.
  2. In addition to the wine mixture, hyposulphite is suitable for removing rust from white clothes. Dissolve 20 g of hyposulfite in 200 ml of water. Heat the solution to 70 degrees and dip the contaminated thing into it until the spot disappears completely. Wash the product in warm water. Instead of hyposulphite, you can take citric acid.
  3. Rust from white clothes can be removed with a mixture of acetic and oxalic acid. Dissolve 3 g of each ingredient in 200 ml of water, heat the solution in an enamel bowl and lower the contaminated item for 30 - 40 seconds. After, rinse clothes in warm water. If the stain has not disappeared, repeat the procedure again.
  4. A good remedy for rust stains is a 2 percent solution of hydrochloric acid. It lowered the product to the complete disappearance of the spot. When the pollution is cleaned, rinse the clothes in a solution of ammonia and water (3 tbsp. Per 1 liter).

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How to remove rust from clothes?

  • Potassium hydroxalate will help remove rust from clothing. When applying the product to the stain, it turns into iron hydroxalate, which dissolves well in warm water. To prepare potassium hydroxalate is quite simple: mix 1 tbsp. water, 2 tbsp. l oxalic acid and 1 tbsp. l potash or baking soda. Lubricate the mixture with a rusty stain and leave until it is completely removed. Then rinse the clothes in warm water.
  • Wrap a lemon slice in cheesecloth, attach it to the stain and press it with a hot iron. There will be no trace of rust on clothes. This method is the easiest and most effective.
  • Heat the acetic acid solution (2 tablespoons vinegar per 1 tablespoon water) to 90 degrees. Immerse the contaminated area of ​​clothing for 7 minutes in the prepared solution. After rinsing clothes in a solution of ammonia (1 tablespoon. 2 liters of water).
  • Rusty stains can be removed from suede clothing with a brush dipped in liquid ammonia solution (1 tablespoon alcohol per 5 tablespoons water). Then wipe the cloth with a cotton swab moistened with acetic acid.
  • Mix in equal proportions grated white soap, water and glycerin. With the prepared composition, rub the stain and leave for 1 day. After washing your clothes thoroughly in warm water or a washing machine.
  • Mix in bowl freshly squeezed lemon juice and water in the same proportions. Immerse a piece of contaminated surface in the prepared solution for half an hour. Take out the item, wring it out and see if there is a stain left. If it is not washed, lower the product for another 15-20 minutes into the composition. If the pollution does not disappear anyway, rinse the clothes thoroughly in cold water and soak them in a concentrated washing gel, leaving them for about 1 hour, then rub the dirt and wash them in the usual way.
  • Place a soiled cloth on several layers of paper towels, blot up. Sprinkle contamination with salt. Cut a lemon in half and wipe the stained area with force. Cover the stain with several more layers of paper towels. Put the item in the sun for at least 2 hours. Gradually, the rust will disappear. After washing the thing in warm water.
  • Stretch the patch over the boiling pot. Pour rust with lemon juice or sprinkle with citric acid. Wait 5 - 7 minutes, after which the product must be removed and washed. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

How to wash rust from clothes?

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How to wash rust from clothes?

If folk remedies did not help you, buy a quality powder, concentrated gel or stain remover in the store. Stain removers such as "Vanish", "Frau Schmidt", "Ecover", "Amway Pre Wash", "Sarma Active", "Antipyatin", Udalix Ultra, "OXYPlus" have proven themselves well. Act strictly in accordance with the instructions, placed on the packaging.

Rust stains on clothes is difficult to remove. It is necessary to choose a method of removing pollution and the necessary means, taking into account the quality and composition of the fabric that you will be processing. If you have tried all methods, but nothing helps, contact dry cleaning. Specialists can easily put in order your favorite thing!

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