How to remove medvedka from the garden

Medvedka periodically appears on the backyards with high humidity. The insect acts like a mole: it breaks through the ground, destroying the roots of plants. Because of damage to the roots, planted crops are killed, and the yield is sharply reduced.

Do not think that the insect causes only harm. It all depends on its habitat. The worst option is when the bear appeared on the territory planted with plants and vegetables. The destruction of the roots in this case is inevitable. In other situations, the insect can be benefited. Swarm tunnels, Medvedka improves the soil, enriching it with oxygen. In addition, the insect destroys the larvae of pests in the soil.

How to get rid of a bear?

How to bring Medvedka out of the garden?

Medvedku can not be confused with others. Insects. Forepaws resemble the legs of a mole, and the body is covered with durable chitinous shell. She can settle in almost any territory. Especially the insect likes wet soil. Therefore, it can be found not only in the gardens, but also near water. There are many ways to get rid of a bear. It is believed that the insect is tenacious and difficult to remove from the site. Medvedka can fly from one place to another and feels great in the water.

How to deal with Medvedka?

  • Medvedki not only eat the roots, but also devour the seeds sown. They especially like cucumber seeds. Insect is common in humus-rich and well-watered soils. How to deal with Medvedka? First of all, you need to understand that you should use as many methods as possible. The result from them will come not immediately, but in a couple of years. In this case, the insect will have to exterminate regularly without interruption.
  • You can fight with Medvedka with the help of their capture and traps. Banks are digging in between the beds. They should be located slightly below ground level. Put potato skins on the bottom. Medvedok caught in the banks, destroy. Insects can be caught using dung traps. In May, heaps of manure are scattered around the site. Medvedki arrange nests in them and lay eggs. Insects are destroyed along with their homes.
  • By the way, these pests love not only manure, but also rotten leaves. It is there that they prefer to breed. Therefore, for the prevention of the spread of insects on the site, such heaps should be arranged in one place. Also, they should be fenced. For this, tin sheets are instilled into the ground to a depth of 50 cm. Their height should be about 40 cm.

Methods of dealing with Medvedka

Medvedku destroy in different ways. Methods of struggle are chemical, folk. Chemicals are most often used when all other methods are powerless. They are actively used to fight with a bearfish bait and traps. Lures are made by combining poison and other toxic substances with butter, croup. It is better to carry out this procedure in the spring. Need to take 1 kg of any cereal, 30 grams. unrefined oil and 50 g. karbofos. Baits are formed from these ingredients and buried in the ground. You can make insect repellent, etc. The same amount of cereal or grain boiled soft, add 50g. oils and zinc phosphide.

How to bring Medvedka out of the garden?How to bring Medvedka out of the garden?

There are popular methods. The soil dug over for the winter is watered with soapy water.

  1. From Medvedki apply such a tool as "Thunder", "Medvetoks". Means are issued in granules. They are laid out when planting seeds or seedlings. Do it as follows. After the land is planted, they make a furrow 4 cm deep along the beds at a distance of 10 cm. Preparations are poured into these ditches, covered with earth and watered. 10 square meters. m. usually consumes 30 grams. chemicals. Medvedku is attracted by the smell of granules, and she eats them. Drugs are valid for 30 days. When planting potatoes, the Force tool works in the same way. Producers say that no negative effects on plants occur.
  2. Another remedy for the bear is marigolds. Insects do not tolerate their smell. Flowers are planted near the beds. Help to remove the pest from the garden and plants siderats. So called cultures that prevent the spread of pests. Against a bear, rye usually works well. It is simply sown on the site.
  3. It is believed that the insect does not tolerate the smell of aspen wood. In the spring fresh aspen stakes are driven into the ground. Their thickness should be at least 4 cm. Stakes are driven into the soil to a depth of 30 cm. They can be located at a distance of 1-2 meters from each other. Alder can also be used to get rid of a bear.
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Medvedka - one of the most common pests on suburban areas. The omnivorous insect damages the roots, causing the planted plants to die. You can remove Medvedka from the garden by many means. Good results are easy to achieve with complex methods of struggle. The pest is trapped with baits, poisoned with special preparations.

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