How to plant chestnut

"A real man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son"Why does the well-known proverb say only about men? Can't a woman help a man build a house? How can a man do without a woman in raising his son? would be one tree!

Let us dwell on the question of choice: which tree to plant? Of course, indoor plants and fruit trees set aside. - Who did not plant them? We will choose from wild trees: oak, birch, mountain ash, chestnut. The last view is chestnut grow extremely easy. We all saw his "seeds" - chestnuts. That is what we need.

How to plant chestnut walnut?

Therefore, when the season comes (summer is coming to an end), we collect the fruits of chestnut and we get nuts from them. Very often you can find chestnut nuts already freed from the soft leathery shell. Here, be careful, check for damage to the nut. If there is even a small crack, better look for another nut. Walnut damage can not sprout from you. After collecting chestnuts proceed to landing.

How to plant and grow chestnut walnut?

  • Stock up on two plastic bags and sand.
  • Fill the bags with sand and wet the sand. The sand should be wet, but not wet. Put chestnuts in the sand (3-4 pieces). Tie the bags tightly and place them in the refrigerator.
  • After 1-2 months, you can get packages. As a rule, during this time the chestnut will germinate.

How to plant and grow chestnut walnut?

  • It often happens that not enough time passes in order to plant sprouted chestnut in open ground - there is still cold outside. Therefore, we do not pack the bags again, but transplant the chestnut in a potty and grow it at home as a houseplant.
  • When the weather allows, you will plant a chestnut in open ground.

Care of planted chestnut

How to care for sprouted chestnut at home? Yes, very simple! Chestnut is a wild plant that gets used to absolutely any vagaries of weather.

  • At home, it is only important to provide young sapling moderate watering, moderate humidity and good lighting. But while the chestnut is very small, do not expose it to open sunny places. Do not do this in the future. Fertilize should be periodically alternating inorganic fertilizers with organic.
  • Well, if the pot will be the earth, taken from the place where you are going to plant chestnut.

Care of planted chestnut

  • According to summer residents and those who have already grown chestnut from walnut, it is best to plant two-year seedlings in the open ground. However, if you are sure that your tree is strong and will get acclimatized in the wild, feel free to plant it.
  • Landing place is better to pick the sun.. In a radius of three meters from the chestnut there should be no trees. Chestnut is a depressant plant, no one gets along with it. Therefore, plan your summer cottage so that the chestnut could not harm the fruit trees.
  • Soil for chestnuts will suit any, but preference remains for loamy soils containing limestone.
  • Fertilizing chestnut should not very often. However, organic matter and minerals in the earth should be enough.
  • Chestnut does not like excessive humidity, therefore it suffers in rainy years. He does not like drought. During the dry summer, water it more often and, if possible, arrange a shower.

Already in May, a ripe tree will delight you with an unusually beautiful flowering! So do not hesitate for a long time, find chestnuts and germinate them! Self-grown chestnut will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions and pleasant emotions!

Have a good landing!

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