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How to plant and grow watermelons

Watermelons are extremely beneficial to the health of each person. In addition, they are so tasty and juicy, that they always want to eat in the heat. And eat and drink right away.

You can not and decide to grow them yourself? But in vain, because a watermelon grown on its own plot will cost you much less money. But the most important thing is that in its quality and benefits you will be sure and will know for sure that you will not eat nitrates with a slice of watermelon.

How to plant a watermelon?

By planting a watermelon should prepare in advance. For this, think carefully about whether you can create favorable conditions. Watermelons are very fond of light and heat. If you do not live in the south of the country, then it would be good to grow watermelons in a greenhouse.

Greenhouse must be located on a well-lit place. No need to hide it with a crown of tall trees, creating a shadow - this would be undesirable for watermelons.

Be sure to prepare the soil for planting. Usually watermelons are planted in boxes with earth. The land should be rich, well fertilized. As a fertilizer in the fall, you can mix manure with mowed grass and leave everything for the winter. In the spring you can plant watermelons.

If you do not stocked up with seeds of watermelon in advance, you can buy seeds in the store. When buying seeds, pay attention to the quality of the variety: whether it is suitable for growing in the climatic zone where you live. For the greenhouse fit any varieties of watermelon. Take care of your self-stored seeds - you don’t know where the watermelon you ate came from. If you know that he grew up somewhere near you - great.

For planting watermelon seeds should be soaked in warm water. Do this until the seedlings appear. Well hold the watermelon seeds in a light solution of potassium permanganate. Now we plant.

For seedlings we close the seeds shallowly (3-4 cm). Seedlings can grow in your boxes for up to one month. Overexposure is not worth it.

The optimal temperature conditions for seedlings in the daytime are 22 ° С -25 ° С, at night - 18 ° С.

How to grow watermelon?

At the end of spring we plant seedlings in a bright place. At night, the air temperature should be consistently warm (15 ° C -18 ° C).

It is good to fertilize the plot of land chosen for seedlings. To do this, use the manure. But you can not do so that he touched seedlings. The land is usually dug up with manure.

Watermelon loves moderate moisture. Therefore, the seedlings after planting should be well watered. However, if you do not water the watermelons after a while, nothing will happen to them.

There is no need to water the watermelons during the flowering period. Moisture during this period affects the sweetness of watermelon flavor. Therefore, in rainy years, watermelons are not as sweet as in the others.

If you grow watermelons in the greenhouse, then periodically open it, that the fruits are not prilled. At night, close the greenhouse, because night temperature drops can damage the southern varieties. Watch and the humidity in the greenhouse: watermelons do not like high humidity.

The average term of ripening of watermelons is about 70 days. This is enough to ripen.

Ripe, juicy watermelon will always be a pleasant joy to the summer table as a dessert. If growing watermelons has become affordable and easy for you, safely plant them next year. But the place is desirable to choose another for them. In the same place as theirs to restore the strength of the earth, plant corn or wheat.

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