How to plant an apple tree

Tasty and very useful apples from our own sites often delight us in the summer-autumn period. However, many know that over time, the apples are not so large, juicy, lose their taste. What is the reason? The reason is not only the depletion of the soil and the lack of top dressing, but also the age of the tree itself. It is a pity to cut an old tree, but it can be given new life with a vaccine.

Advantages of grafting apple

Grafting an apple tree is not only its rejuvenation, but also the possibility of obtaining new flavoring and other qualities of its fruits.The old tree gets a new life, and you do not need to cut it, because it fit so well into the overall design of your site.

You do not have to wait until the young tree grows to feast on it with apples. In addition, you can try yourself as a breeder, planting another apple with one type of apple tree and getting new original fruit flavor combinations.

When to plant an apple tree?

Not only old, but also young apple trees are planted. But at what time of year it is best to do it?

As many indoor plants recommend replanting in the spring, and Apple plant in spring. This is because at this time the movement of juice begins. And the apple trees grafted at this time will soon take root and bear fruit.

No less important for gardeners is the question of how old a young apple tree can be planted. It is advised to plant trees not younger than 4 years.

The best for crossing with the help of vaccination is age of apple trees from 4 to 10 years.

How to vaccinate the apple tree?

  • The apple tree, to which new branches will be grafted, is subjected to pruning. Those branches where the vaccination will be done (rootstock), cut off, leaving 30-50 cm from the beginning of their branch from the main trunk.
  • As graft (branches of an apple tree) usually use segments of annual branches. The graft should have several buds (3-4), which will then begin to grow.

  • If you take a graft with 6-8 buds, then in this case long shoots are formed and the fruits can be obtained earlier than when grafting with 3-4 buds. However, it is possible to miscalculate with long cuttings - they may not settle down and die, especially if cold winters fall out.
  • For vaccination, you need to stock up with a sharp tool. Usually it is a knife or pruner (someone more comfortable). The cuts must be done sharply so that they turn out smooth and even. Cut the stock at an angle, butt-sawing cambial layers of the stock. External beauty does not matter.

  • After you have correctly joined both cuts, it is necessary to tie the cuts in order to fasten it. It is also important to cover up the protruding internal parts of the cut garden putty.

That's all recommendations for grafting apples. This is not a difficult thing, but it may seem different to newcomers. Of course, with experience you will get better. But maybe after reading this article, "the first pancake you do not get a lump."

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