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How to plant a pine tree

Coniferous air is very healthy. What should you do if you decide to grow a pine tree on your backyard? First of all, you need to make sure that you have enough space. Do not forget that pine needles can create shading when the tree grows for other plants in your area.

Planting pine

When you have considered these few moments, you need to decide where to get a pine seedling. To do this, you can grow it at home by planting pine seed in a pot. But the likelihood that it will germinate is small. Therefore, it is best to go to the pine forest and find a seedling there. In any coniferous forest to find a sapling you will not be difficult. Anyone can easily distinguish a pine from spruce or other coniferous seedlings.

  • So, taking a scoop, we dig out a sapling along with a lump of earth. It is better to take a deeper, so as not to damage the roots of a small pine.
  • Sapling is better to dig in spring, when the earth gets warm and the temperature becomes more or less constant (from + 14 ° С).
  • On the day of digging, it is necessary to plant a pine sapling on your site in a specially designated place.
  • Soil should not be too acidic or alkaline for planting.. The ideal mixture of earth (sand and clay) and peat or humus - 3: 2. Or you can take 3 parts of the earth (sand and clay), one part of peat and humus, and 0.5 parts of ash and earth from the coniferous forest.
  • In any case, when non-compliance with the proportions, you have a stock of land together with a dug out seedling.
  • For pine it is very important to choose sunny, well lit place. In the shade it will grow badly.
  • Dig a small hole in a certain place. The hole should be of such size as an excavated lump of soil with a seedling root. Pour over. Then place the root part of the seedling there. Do not tamp the ground too hard, but fill it with a hill. Because you will have to water the landing again and the loose earth will settle.
  • Some gardeners recommend further sprinkle sawdust or pine needles near the root neck of a pine seedling. This will enrich the soil, help preserve heat (maintaining the temperature of the soil), and also retain moisture in the soil during droughts.

Pine care

If you plant a pine correctly, you can take care of it a little and even forget about it. Pine is a forest plant, it is not accustomed to care, therefore it is unpretentious.

  • The main and only condition for the normal development of pine is watering.It is not necessary to water the tree, but if it is a dry period, then it is better to water. Watering is given increased attention in the first summer after planting. But in any case, do not fill your pine. It will harm her.

  • To correctly determine when your tree needs watering, and when not, do the following: take some ground from under the pine and squeeze it in your fist. If the plant lacks moisture, the earth will be loose-loose and crumble in your hands like sand.
  • Pine should be watered either early in the morning or after sunset. It is very useful to water not under the root, but in the upper way: to arrange a shower.
  • Water should be warm, not lower than + 15 ° С.

Having planted a pine tree on a personal plot, you will invariably notice the delights of your decision: air purification, pleasant smell, joy for the eyes. And in the article Pine Essential Oil you can find useful recipes from aromatherapy!

Green garden to you!

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