How to plant a lemon at home

Lemon tree is easy enough grow from ordinary lemon pits. But in order to get the big fruits of this tree, it should be planted. How to do it at home?

How to instill lemon at home?

  • First of all, you should purchase special cuttings - graft. When you bring them home, carefully remove all the leaves from them. Then, wrap the graft in a damp cloth, then put in a plastic bag, and put in a cold place.

  • After a while when will come time to plant a lemon, pick up a special abutment knife, and at a height of about 10 cm above the ground in a pot, make an incision on the bark. The size of the cut is about 1 cm across and about 3 cm along the trunk of the lemon tree. Use a knife edge to gently spread the bark at the cut points.
  • On the cuttings (which you purchased and put in the cold), choose a good kidney. Cut it very carefully together with a small flap. We insert this shield with the kidney into the incision on the bark, press it down slightly (for best contact), and wrap it sufficiently tightly with adhesive tape on top. Only the kidney should remain on the surface.
  • Be sure to make sure that the room in which it stands grafted lemon tree, there was high humidity. In addition, do not place the tree in direct sunlight, otherwise, grafting may not succeed.
  • If you notice that shoots begin to form on the tree, which are located below the graft, immediately cut them. Otherwise, the plant will give all the juices to these shoots.
  • Approximately in two or three weeks after you have planted a lemon, the grafted graft has turned yellow and has disappeared, you can be satisfied with your work - you did everything correctly, the vaccination was successful.
  • If the cutting dried up, something you did not succeed, then the work must begin anew.

As you can see, there is nothing at all difficult to plant a lemon tree yourself at home. This does not require any special skills or hard-to-reach materials. Therefore, do not postpone the grafting of your lemon tree, and you can drink tea with personally grown lemons during the long winter evenings, and in the summer get rid of the heat with homemade lemonade!

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Good luck to you!

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