How to plant a cactus

The word "cactus" in Greek means the name of one of the types of thistles. Karl Linney introduced this concept to quite similar to the thistle his "prickly" plants. North and South America is considered the birthplace of cacti, but some species are also found in Africa, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Now these plants are distributed almost everywhere. You will not find these thorns, except in Antarctica.

Indians used cacti widely in their lives. They used them for food, used in religious ceremonies, as medicines and dyes, as building material, as well as as a hedge. As decorative plants in Europe, cacti were introduced as early as 16 centuries due to the strength of their unusual appearance for the inhabitants of the Old World. Until now, this plant is pleasing to the eyes of many people, including in our country.

How to choose the right dishes for planting cactus?

When planting cacti, and any other plant, you need to choose the right dishes. Experts recommend using plastic pots for their spiky friends. This is due primarily to the fact that such dishes do not significantly change their temperature depending on environmental conditions and does not absorb water.

How to care for cactus?

According to popular opinion, cacti should be planted in small cramped pots. But, cactus is a plant of arid climate, therefore its roots are long. In cramped dishes, they simply have nowhere to grow and the cactus will slowly and painfully die. For these plants, it is better to choose pots that are 2-3 times larger than the growth of the plant itself, along with the roots. After all, the roots of the cactus must be complete, so that the plant receives proper nutrition and a sufficient amount of moisture.

Soil for planting cacti

There are many myths associated with the choice of soil for cacti. There are some tips that will help you to take a look at the correct version and use it.

Land intended for this plant should be loose, but not crumble like sand. It is best to use "southern" black nutrient soil, but do not try too fertilize this soil. On the shelves of modern stores, look for Dutch floral soil is one of the best options for land for growing cacti. Ground should be quite a lot. This is necessary for the normal development of the roots of the plant. Roots should grow about two to three times.

How to plant a cactus?

With the right utensils and suitable soil, you can start planting. Put a few pebbles on the bottom of the pot. They will perform the drainage function.

How to care for cactus?

Young plants are recommended to replant in spring, adults - every two years. At the same time, adult cacti can be transplanted directly from the ground in which they had previously grown. If you use more spacious pots, transplants can be performed less frequently. In addition, older plants have some sensitivity to changing the location of dislocation, so they can be left for five or more years in a spacious pot. However, many myths also spin around the cacti transplant. Many say that it is necessary to shake off the ground from their roots, wash the roots and even prune a little. However, experienced cacti growers are sure that you can simply “throw” a plant from one pot to another with old earth. Why injure a plant and change its living conditions, especially if it has a completely healthy and flourishing appearance?

If possible, place the plant on the east or southeast side. At the same time, immediately after transplantation, a cactus needs a shadow. As soon as the thorn starts to grow, the shadow can be gradually reduced. After transplantation, do not water the plant for about three to six days. However, then it should be remembered that cacti are very fond of water, although they have adapted to dry conditions. Do not forget about spraying them with a light mist of boiled water. Make sure that the sun does not fall on the plant during this procedure, otherwise a burn may occur. But in cold weather, cacti is better not to water!

How to plant a cactus?

The main thing that you should remember when you are going to grow a cactus is that any plant is a living creature and needs our help and care just like a pet. Watch the condition of your plant, try to understand what is best for it, and it will thank you with its beauty and health.

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