How to pinch cucumbers in the open ground

Every gardener from the very moment of working with the seedlings is aware that everything will not end on planting alone. And even after the seedlings are ready to move to open beds or to the greenhouse, they still have to tinker with them. In particular, pinching and shaping is necessary for many cultures. Especially for such as cucumbers. But not every beginning agronomist is aware of the correct conduct of this procedure.

Why is pickling cucumbers made?

Cucumber in its nature belongs to the lianas, and therefore has a slightly different structure than other country plants. It begins to manifest itself already at 2 weeks of life, when a small sprout that has gained strength requires the first garter. And besides creating support for the main stalk, it is necessary to separate the outlined side shoots, distributing them with the help of ropes, along which they will continue to crawl. If you do not do this, the yield of a particular bush will be minimal.

How to pinch cucumbers in the open field?

The main stem to the fruit bearing cannot be attributed, and therefore all accents are shifted to the side shoots. And it speaks not only about waiting for the ovaries only on them. It is necessary to allow the plant to properly distribute the food obtained from the substrate. When flowers begin to form, everything goes to them. At the same time, the main one in culture is the central stem. As a result, only a small amount of useful substances and moisture will begin to reach the side during the flowering period. So, their yield and the quality of the fruits themselves will eventually drop dramatically.

In order to ensure the correct distribution of nutrition, the waste flowers on the main stem are removed. For the sake of convenience, these future flowers, baptized "masculine", since they have no fruit bearing function, do not bear the benefit of the agronome. But their elimination allows you to transfer all the attention to the "female" instances that appear on the side shoots.

How to pinch cucumbers?

The above scheme is effective for many varieties, not counting the hybrid. Here, flower stalks are able to be located on the central stem too. As a result, it is not entirely clear what to delete. Just mindlessly walk through it, clearing everything, will not work. With the active distribution of hybrids, when each agronomist has 1-2 such specimens, one has to additionally look for information describing the peculiarities of working with them.

One could even decide that once “female” flowers are already formed on the main stem, they do not need to be eliminated. But this is a fallacy. Pinching needed and hybrid varieties. Netherlings still appear, but already on the branches. For most of them, separate pinching patterns are being studied.

The general algorithm is to destroy the growth points of new lateral shoots. If you leave them, they will turn the cucumber into an overgrown, but practically non-productive shrub. From the point of view of decor, it is good, in terms of real benefits from the plant, not really. This is done after 5-6 sheets. At the time of fruiting, several fairly short lateral shoots should depart from the central stem, where the ovaries will begin to appear. Of course, if it is not a hybrid with a different structure.

At this step, the blinding procedure (another nickname) is not completed. Additionally, in the joints of the leaves (sinuses) should be eliminated stepchildren. They, too, will pull all the nutrients, depleting those areas that really need it. And in the lower part of the side shoots are eliminated completely, without saving 1 or 2.

In the warm

Working with greenhouse plants is somewhat different from that produced with outdoor crops. Their forming usually begins earlier and is carried out in a different way. Here, the scheme of eliminating the "empty" flowers on the central stem will act in order to stimulate growth on the lateral ones.

In all varieties pollinated by bees, the pinching is done on 6 sheets and most often affects the next 8 sinuses (70-80 cm of stem). Among hybrids, this applies to parthenocarpic category. Especially the one that can boast large, long fruits. Everything except the leaves and the already formed side branches is deleted. Those that are in their infancy, as well as the antennae and flowers are destroyed.

Up to 6-7 sheets from the bottom, you only need to remove the stepsons. A further system on the 8 sinuses can be done as follows:

  • Trying to form shoots are removed with the preservation of leaf and fruit in the amount of 1 pc.
  • After overcoming the border of 1 m. In height, the length of the lateral stems can be 40-50 cm.
  • Many agronomists pinch the top of the head, allowing the main runaway to grow to the crossbar to which its rope is attached, and the further height is “blinded”.

With most hybrids, the scheme is slightly modified.

  • Visually, the plant is divided into 4 parts in length, after which a separate work is done on each.
  • At the lowest, all the rudiments in the sinuses are cleaned at the level of 4 leaves.
  • The next 4 nodes (new zone) lose side shoots up to 1-2 leaves and 1 fruit (ovary).
  • A little higher on the same area there are already 2 fruits and the same 1-2 leaves.
  • The last part, which includes the crown, can store up to 3 fruits and 3 leaves on the shoot. At the top, the growth point is pinned when 2 cucumbers and 4 leaves appear on it.
  • The main stem must slightly outgrow the trellis in order to cling to it through 1-2 turns.

In open ground

How to pinch cucumbers in the open field?

In the open ground, the process of "blinding" depends on how variegated varieties are planted. For short, pinching is not required, as it will not have any effect on the yield. But with long work is required.

The first step is the elimination of the top. It is produced only upon reaching the plant with a height of 1-1.2 m. The lateral processes need to be 40-50 cm. And have on their shoots 2 orders of magnitude. Their length should not exceed 20 cm. Only with such indicators it will be possible to preserve the yield of the bush.

If a cucumber grows on a bed without a garter, the algorithm for working with it is very simple. On the main stem after 4 leaves, the growing point is destroyed, on the lateral ones - after 2. If the variety with which to work is hybrid, the “blindness” is made only with lateral processes. All axillary shoots, which are located on the lashes, necessarily pinch.

Videos and Tips

Seasoned agronomists recommend eliminating not only empty flowers, but also the very first ovaries, where fruits are already beginning to form. Someone of this kind of advice can seem silly. But if they are not eliminated now, the appearance of the next batch can be expected within 1-2 weeks. In addition, often the first fruits do not differ the best taste and appearance.

In order for cucumbers growing in a greenhouse to be a joy to harvest, and not tops, it is worth removing absolutely all shoots up to 5 leaves, creating 1 stem by molding. This will allow the plant to develop the root system and direct all forces to fruiting.

Separately, it is necessary to note that not all agronomists are engaged in constant "blinding". Some of them consider it necessary to remove the first ovary once. It is difficult to say how such an approach is logical and whether it has winning sides as opposed to constant pinching.

The last moment, known, as it turned out, not everyone is a tool. The procedure of "blinding" is recommended to be carried out using small scissors with sharp blades. Tear off areas that are eliminated, is strictly prohibited.

So that every year you have no questions about how to pinch cucumbers, agronomists advise to acquire only proven varieties. Many new hybrids require knowledge of individual schemes. If you can deal with 1-2, then a full update of the greenhouse with unknown varieties is fraught with a bad harvest.

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