How to pinch a petunia

Petunias are amazingly colorful flowers that will make any flowerbed bright and extraordinary. Today they decorate the gardens and gardens of many housewives. Due to the rich color spectrum, these plants allow flower growers to create rich compositions. Despite the fact that petunias are quite common and serve as decoration for flower beds throughout the summer, these are rather fragile plants that require special care.

How to pinch petunia correctly: video tutorial

Experienced Gardeners Tips

Despite the fact that petunia is from South America, this flower is pretty well established in our weather conditions, and it can be grown not only in the open field, but also in pots and containers. This is a perennial plant, but it does not survive in the harsh winter and does not grow well if it is planted directly in open ground.

Therefore, if you want to decorate your beds with petunias, first sow the seedlings. Sprouts should be planted in the second half of May or at the beginning of June, when night frosts will pass and the earth warms up sufficiently. In order to get lush bushes of flowers, petunia must be pinned. It is necessary to do this, following the basic rules.

Pinching should be done in a timely manner. This is done after transplanting to an open warm ground. Make sure the plant is healthy and well established in the new place. In order to strengthen it after transplantation, it should be watered and sprayed about 3 times a day. Once a week, apply fertilizer under the root and spray fertilizing.

You can pinch petunia with your hands, without using any gadgets.

How to pinch a petunia?

  • Before pinching the plant, make sure that the stem of the flower began to grow rapidly and stretched up to 3 or 5 leaves.
  • Count out 3-5 leaves and gently pinch off the top shoot. This slightly slows the flowering, but soon new branches will appear on the place of separation and the stem will grow in breadth. Soon on the bush instead of the 1st one there will appear 3 or 5 large buds (maybe more). Branching structure will help the plant become much more resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Do not throw away old shoots. They can be placed in water, and soon they will sprout, thus you will get new shoots. Plant them in small containers with the ground, after removing all the leaves, except for the top 2.
  • Usually, the 2nd pinching is done about a month after the 1st. Before you pinch the petunia for the 2nd time, you need to make sure that the bush has grown enough. To make it even thicker, shorten some lateral stems.

Petunia care does not end with pinching. To the bushes did not lose their decorative effect, you need to constantly monitor the flowers, removing dried petals and inflorescences along with seed bolls. They should be removed so that the plant does not waste nutrients on seed setting. All this will contribute to the rapid growth of new, larger buds. In addition, the dry parts of the plant greatly spoil the appearance of the whole bush.

How to pinch a petunia?

Do I need to pinch the petunia?

Why should pinch petunia? This is done so that the stem does not become too elongated and does not distort the appearance of the plant. Also, because the stem is too long, the flower usually falls or bends under its own weight. After removing the extra shoots at the site of cutting, new shoots appear on which the buds grow, thus the bush becomes thicker and brighter.

The process of removing extra shoots is rather painstaking, but is bearing fruit. After 2 weeks you will see the first result.

It should be noted that not all varieties of petunia need to pinch. Mandatory study require only simple varieties. It is not necessary to do this with plants from professional seeds, since breeders make sure that such flowers acquire the optimal form as quickly as possible.

Some growers recommend extra shoots in professional varieties of petunias, because selection plants produce new shoots faster and allow you to achieve the desired result. This is also done to save space in the seedlings so that the stems do not stretch upwards.

If you see that the bush grows evenly without any intervention, then the plant can not pinch.

How to pinch a petunia?

A big advantage of petunias among other flowers is the fact that the shoots can be preserved in winter until next year if they are placed in the autumn in a bright room with a temperature not higher than 10 degrees. If you store the plant at room temperature, the leaves of the leaves may appear spider mite, and it will die.

Giving a luxurious look to your flower bed is not so difficult - plant petunias. Of course, growing these flowers requires certain skills, for example, in pinching technology. But the result will exceed all your expectations - colorful hats of flowers will decorate your garden until the autumn.

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