How to paint the walls

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Psychologists advise at least once every five years to completely change the situation in our rooms. It’s not often possible to buy furniture so often, you can rearrange it, as you can change the wallpaper on the walls, or even better paint it.

For this, of course, it is good to have artistic makings. But if not - do not despair, do not call the artist, try to start yourself - it will bring you a lot of positive emotions!

What is needed to paint on the walls?

All you need is, of course, a wall, spray cans different colors and idea. It would be nice to first realize your idea on a piece of paper, make a sketch.

The picture can be anything: on the whole wall, on a certain part of it, on the corner. Depending on the situation (furniture, location of objects, the shape of the room itself, etc.), a design is selected. The picture should correspond to the room that it decorates. In the nursery there should be images of cartoon characters, in the bedroom - something calm and beautiful (landscape, animal images, still life), in the living room - exquisite (images of people, buildings, art objects), in the kitchen - delicious (still lifes from fruits and vegetables , fruit trees).

In addition to the prepared spray paint can not stock up on a mask. Also in specialized stores you can buy stencils. With their acquisition, you will not have to suffer much with the image of the picture on the wall (especially if you do not feel as confident in painting as you would like).

How to paint the walls: stages of work

When the sketch is ready, the necessary colors of spray cans are purchased, you can proceed to the work itself.

For beginners writers (graffiti artist) Some points to consider:

  • When selecting colors for a picture consider the color range of the room. The drawing should not merge with the general tone, and also look defiant, unnatural, inharmonious;
  • The theme of the picture should reflect the purpose of the room. (for the nursery - heroes of fairy tales, cartoons, for the living room - people, buildings, for the bedroom - nature, etc.);

  • If you want to paint the bathroom, then you need to resort to special treatment of the walls to give them moisture resistance.;
  • Think over the proportions of the picture. You do not need to do it too big, but do not shrink.

The basis for the drawing should ideally be a white wall. However, it is not always desirable for everyone. You can create any background for the picture with decorative plaster, and you can paint the wall in any light color. It is better not to put graffiti on the wallpaper.

You can transfer the prepared sketch to the wall in several ways. The easiest way to use the projector. Another way is transfer of the sketch to the cells. To do this, the sketch itself is divided into small squares of the same size. Formed as a grid of squares. Further, the squares in the increased size are transferred to the wall with the help of a pencil and a ruler. The wall should have an enlarged sketch grid. Then a part of the drawing is drawn in each square on the wall, corresponding to each square in the sketch. Reticle mesh on the basis of removed.

Depending on the complexity of your drawing, painting walls will take you two or more days. Do not try to do everything in one day (unless it is any simple small drawing or quotation). It is better to work slowly and in a good mood. Depending on how the work goes, you can adjust the sketch: remove complex elements, making it easier for you to work, or vice versa, if everything works out for you, add new elements. As soon as you are tired - take a break. No one is above you, forcing you to draw.

In a few days you will see the final result. What it will be - depends on you. Well, if you like it and will cause pleasant emotions and a sense of pride in yourself. If not, it can be easily fixed (by pasting the wallpaper, painting the wall). In any case, you will gain experience. You might like this, and you will discover a new hobby.