How to pack a gift with your own hands

What does the gift perception depend on? Of course, from the beautiful packaging! It is bows, ribbons and an unusual print of paper that are the first to catch the eye. Agree, even the most magnificent gift can spoil untidy giving. That is why it is important to attend to the preparation of packaging. There are many simple, but at the same time spectacular design ideas.

Original DIY gift wrapping: master class

For packaging, you can use a variety of material. This can be a fabric, special gift paper, sheets of old books or atlases. It all depends on your imagination. You can learn a few basic techniques for creating convolutions. Then refresh them with various decorative elements. For registration you will need twine, ribbons, purchase bows, glitter and tags.

You can learn how to create paper yourself. Such an original gift wrap will be an unusual way to decorate.

How to pack a gift with your own hands?

You will need:

  1. Carton tray of eggs
  2. Water
  3. Glue
  4. Food colorings
  5. Sequins, flower petals, plant seeds

Instructions for making:

  • Tray of eggs to break into small pieces. After that, the cardboard is poured with a small amount of warm water mixed with white glue. If the pieces are large, they can be crushed in a blender.
  • Pre-paper should swell. As a result, you get a mushy liquid mass. It should be divided into parts. For decoration in some of them add liquid food dyes. In the other - glitter, flower petals.
  • Then the mass is poured on a flat surface. It is best to use an additional tray with high sides and mesh. It is covered with cling film. On it spread a thin layer of mass. At the same time it needs to be properly leveled.
  • The thicker the layer, the less flexible the paper will be. Mass is allowed to dry. Further, it is beautifully cut and used as a package. You can make beautiful gift boxes out of thick paper.
  • Packaging is decorated in the technique of framing. You will need any paper and special water based paints. In a container that is larger than a sheet of paper, water is poured. Then paint colors of different colors are squeezed into it.
  • With the help of a brush on the water surface form beautiful patterns. Then gently lower the sheet of paper. It should not be on the surface for very long. The paper absorbs the paint pattern. Then the sheet is pulled out and dried. Use paper as usual packaging, wrapping a gift in it.

Creative ideas gift wrapping

How to pack a gift with your own hands?

Recently popular minimalist gift wrapping ideas. You will need a roll of coffee-colored paper similar to postal, string. To begin with, the gift is put in a box. Otherwise, you will not be able to pack it beautifully. Then cut a large piece of paper and wrap it around the box. Sections are located in the lower part. 1 should cover the other. On the sides we bend and fold the corners.

You should have a standard bundle, similar to the store. Then you should cut a long piece of string. She needs to wrap a box with a gift. First vertically, then horizontally. The string must be very close to the box.

The last step is the décor. If the gift is New Year's or Christmas, then under the rope is to put the spruce twig. It can be additionally decorated with artificial snow or sequins. Also to the rope, you can attach a picture in a minimalist style. It is necessary to beat the packaging, adding a stamp from the wax. Now on sale there are special candles and prints for these purposes. Beautiful decor can be a variety of applications. So on the package you can attach snowflakes, cut hearts. It can be decorated with drawings and stamps.

How to pack a gift with your own hands?

Special attention is given to boxes for gifts. Unfortunately, they can not be found in all stores. It happens that the size or shape does not fit. A great way out is to make a box with your own hands from improvised means.

The easiest option involves the use of cardboard cups. Usually they are included in a set of disposable tableware for birthday. The cups cut the neck. Manufacturers make it in the form of a curved strip. Then you should make vertical cuts with a length of 4-6 cm. Their number depends on how many “petals” will be on the top of the box. Usually do about 8.

You should have strips with incisions. We bend them inside the future box. Then placed in a circle overlap. We decorate the finished box with bows or ribbons. We decorate the sides with appliqués and sequins.

Also, the "petals" can be arranged a little differently. Punch each of them with a hole punch or insert eyelets into them with a special machine. Bend the strips. Insert a beautiful string into the holes and tighten slightly. Finish the decor, tying a bow.

How to decorate a gift?

How to pack a gift with your own hands?

You can use a variety of available tools. In Japan, it is popular to give something in a tissue package. Usually, the pieces of matter are additionally decorated with drawings. Most often this is done with the help of stamps.

For packaging, you should choose a light material that forms a good fold. To create a picture, the stamp is made from potato pieces or a flat eraser. On their surface the volume image is cut. Then the stamp is placed in a liquid fabric dye. It can be applied with a sponge. The stamp is placed on the fabric and strongly pressed on it. Then it is removed. Similarly, drawing is applied over the entire surface.

By this principle decorate and wrapping paper. After the paint dries, a gift is wrapped in the cloth. For this, it is located in the center of matter. The ends are tied with a bow at the top.

Another option of how to decorate a gift with your own hands - the use of tags. These are usually small decorative strips of cardboard. They are made in the form of rectangles or circles and decorated. In order to quickly decorate a gift, you can use templates tags.

How to pack a gift with your own hands?

They are simply printed out on the printer and cut out. Then decorate in any way. You can stick on top of semi-pearl beads, beautifully stick a satin ribbon. Do not forget that there must be a hole at the top of the tag! It is in him that the rope is passed, which then wraps around the gift. Otherwise, you will not be able to attach this decoration.

Particularly beautiful on the boxes look decorative items in the form of figures. In most cases, they are made of thick cardboard: cut, and then attached. It can be multi-colored butterflies, flowers, feathers.

Of course, out of competition are the bows. They can be made from strips of bright or iridescent paper. First, decide on the size. You will need to cut 1 small strip, 2 medium and 3 larger sizes. Each of them are twisted. For this, the strips are folded inwards like the figure eight. Both tips wrap different sides and cross over in the middle. It is best to fix them on a double tape. Then the resulting billet connect. They are placed one on the other. For pomp, each is directed in the opposite direction. To the box, the bow is also attached to the tape.

Original gift wrap will give it a special charm. You can use both finished materials and make them yourself. For example, plain paper, painted using the technique of milling, looks very nice. For decoration, any available materials are used - ribbons, glitter, beads. The packaging, tags, paper figures, effectively beat the packaging.

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