How to name a ginger kitten boy cool

Who is not a scientist and not a poet, but he conquered the whole world, who everyone everywhere will know, tell me his name? Previously, children would have shouted “Boo-ra-ti-no”, but today seals are becoming the favorites of the public. To come up with nicknames for them is a nation-wide fun all over the world. We decided to keep up with fashion and made a whole list of names for what to call a red-haired kitten boy.

Nickname - second nature

Red kittens

"As you call a boat, it will float like this," is sung in a children's song of a famous cartoon. This statement applies to the choice of the correct nickname for a pet.

Red kittens are very positive, kind and cute creatures. The appearance in the house of a fluffy animal with such color will never go unnoticed. A small orange sun will not only decorate any dwelling, but will also bring joy, tranquility and many positive emotions to the family.

And according to the scientific trend - animal therapy, based on the principle of treating human diseases with the use of animals, it is the mushrooms that give the host positive energy.

As you already understood, the choice of a name for a cat is a very important exercise. Remember that you do not just set the pace of life for an animal, but also significantly affect its fate and attitude to yourself. Therefore, before making a final decision on how to name a red cat, we advise you to focus on the following points:

  • Fourth friend behavior. Each animal has features in behavior, intently glancing at which it will immediately become clear who is in front of you - Sloth, Shustrik or Sonya.
  • Age. You should not rashly give such nicknames to a little kitten, like Fluffy, Lump, Kid, being guided by surging feelings. In several months, your pet will become a huge fat cat and will no longer match its nickname.
  • Breed. Long-haired breeds are calm and inactive. But their short-haired brothers - these "bandits". And if you got a Persian red kitten, the nicknames Hooligan and Zhivchik will not suit him. The maximum that such a cat will be able to do is spoil in sneakers if it is accidentally offended.
  • Consonance nicknames. Felinologists assert that cats only hear the first three letters of their own name, and the consonants “k” and “c” are best perceived by the ear. A nickname composed according to these rules would be ideal.

Classic remains in fashion

Classic nicknames of red cats

Of course, many of us don’t think much about what to call a red kitten a boy, but choose a standard Russian nickname for an animal. Perhaps that is why the classic variations of pet nicknames never go out of style. If you also hold such an opinion, then you should pay attention to the following nicknames:

  • Redhead;
  • Chestnut;
  • Light;
  • Vesuvius;
  • Peach;
  • Rudik;
  • Leva.

The red cat is a frequent guest in fairy tales and children's animations. From here, the fashion went to call four-legged friends in honor of the characters:

Cat from the cartoon

  • Garfield;
  • Leopold;
  • Thunder;
  • Kuzya;
  • Matroskin;
  • Basilio;
  • Simba;
  • Boniface;
  • Tom.

Pet lovers and red-headed political leaders, artists, poets and writers did not pass by. So, in Russia at one time it was very fashionable to call the red seal Chubais. Can be called fluffy in honor of the one-writer Van Gogh - Vincent. Of his self portraits, we all know that he, too, was fiery red. And here are some interesting options: Rzhevsky, Boriska, and Aristotle.

If you do not like Murzik and Barsik

Popular nicknames

If you still haven't figured out what to call a red-haired kitten, and you didn’t like the classic options, you can ask for help from the ancient Greek and Slavic gods, or rather, borrow a name from them. Even if you are not a special fan or fan of art and history, you must admit that Thor, Zeus or Poseidon lying on a bed beside her sounds proudly.

So, here are the most popular nicknames:

  • Phoebe or Apollos - in honor of the golden god of light, Apollo.
  • Hermes - in ancient Greece, he was a revered god among merchants and craftsmen. If we combine our beliefs and symbols of Greece, the cat’s best name cannot be found.
  • Thor - Scandinavian god of lightning and thunder with orange hair. Such a nickname will suit the conqueror of local neighborhoods.
  • Set is the son of sandstorms and the god of chaos. For the little fidget, this is what you need.
  • Inti is the sun god of the ancient Incas. Want to get your own light? Name your kitten that way.
  • Helios - the forerunner of the throne of Apollo.
  • Achilles - although he was not a god, but his image is also shrouded in legends and myths. And if you believe Homer, the hero was red.
  • Adam is the first man on earth. According to the scriptures, God created him from red clay.

If we are talking about mythology, it will be very symbolic to name the kitten Phoenix. From myths, fairy tales and legends it is known that this bird after death is always reborn from the ashes.

Lovers of exotic dedicated

Exotic nicknames

Even in human names one can find many oddities. For example, during the periods of building communism, children were named after May Day - May Day, Lenin - Leninid, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin - Ibiz, etc. Inspired by this tendency, some people are ready to name their cat even in honor of a frying pan. Although if you abstract from deep meaning, some funny nicknames look very original.

Here are some examples of how to name a ginger kitten cool:

  • The cartridge is associated with a machine-gun volley, flash and ammunition. But the whole highlight of this nickname is the ambiguity of the phrase. Be careful if you do not want the cat to become a real boss and poke you.
  • Rusty - sounds like the nickname of the most notorious gangster on the area. With this name your pet will be afraid and at the same time respect the whole yard.
  • Jamb - short name for Apricot. But you can call it the cat, which always "mows down" and can not even naughty, without catching the eyes of the owners.
  • IPhone - lovers of modern technology and expensive gadgets will especially appreciate such a name for animals. On the same principle, invent other derivatives from famous brands.
  • Does the new settler constantly run, the energy in him beats over the edge and does not subside even at night? Why not call the red kitten Voltik or Speedy?

Human names given to pets are not inferior in originality and creativity. The nickname Ivan Sergeevich or Vladimir Nikolayevich sounds quite funny and unusual, and the owner of the name looks like a cat with at least a scientific degree.

We hope our article will help you decide on a nickname and finally christen the kitten with your own name. Ocean of inspiration and a sea of ​​fantasy you are simply necessary in this difficult task.

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