How to make slippers crocheted on the sole of felt

Knitted slippers on felt soles are a great option for winter, and in general they are much more attractive than simple socks and socks for their increased wear resistance. In addition, they are more comfortable foot, which receives a large share of depreciation. And it is absolutely easy to make such home shoes on your own, because it can be performed even with simple posts on air loops, without any frills.

Crocheted slippers on felt sole: recommendations and video lesson

Crochet slippers on felt sole

The most difficult moment in this product is not the sole, but the upper part of slippers: it can be done in several ways. The easiest is to first tie the sock, connect it to the inside of the sole and tie around in a circle, thereby creating low sides. The option is suitable for those who need classic slippers, in which the heel remains open. If you want to get warm closed slippers, a separate band is knitted, which will become a high side rim, after which it is sewn to the toe and the inner sole. Anyway, there are invariable details - it is an insole and a sock.

  • Knit slippers are recommended from wool or wool blend yarn. A foot length of 24 cm (37 rr) will require about 100/300 yarn. Hooks for standard knitting are used under the numbers 2 and 3. In addition, a needle and an awl will be useful, as well as insoles, the creation of which will be discussed a little later.

Crocheted slippers on felt sole: scheme

How to tie slippers crocheted on a felt sole?

Crochet slippers can be absolutely in any technique available to you, but if you are new to the crochet, you should turn to the classic knitting. The diagram below focuses on the leg of medium completeness, so adjust the number of loops for yourself.

  1. Dial 9 air loops, flip the chain and tie it in the opposite direction.
  2. Start to increase the width of the canvas: the alternation will be as follows - double crochet column, double crochet column, pull 2 ​​loops out of the loop through 2 double crochets, and again double crochet column and double crochet column. Go back through the crossed columns.
  3. The following rows are increased by tying each loop as a column with 2 nakida.
  4. Starting from the 11th row, start from the middle by replacing 4-5 columns with 2 nakida to single ones, and also place 4 crossed columns in the center. Thus, on the 13th row there will be 8 of them, on the 15th row - 12, and on the 17th row - already 16 crossed columns.
  5. The 18th row fits in as 26 crossed columns in the center, with 4 double crochets in each direction, and 3 columns with 2 nakida closes.

If such a knitting scheme seems difficult to you, you can simply increase the number of loops on each even row by pulling out from each 2 columns without single crochets. In this case, you need to make a triangle of 6-8 rows, and then continue to knit a straight web in straight rows up to the 12th (20th total) row.

Crocheted slippers on felt sole

  • Now it is necessary, where the last loop was, to begin to carry out a rim-tape (for slippers with an open heel): make 3-4 rows with ordinary crossed columns. The length of the tape is selected according to the length of the foot.

After these actions, the simpler part remains - the insole and the sole. And on the video you can learn a simpler way without dividing the parts, but with the complicated creation of the bottom.

Crocheted slippers on felt sole: tying the sole

How to make a sole for slippers?

Professionals recommend to purchase felt insoles of the required size and width, after which it will be necessary only to tie the inner sole to their silhouette. If you need to work with felt personally, put your foot on it, circle it with a pen or soap, placing it perpendicular to the surface, and cut the resulting silhouette.

How to make a sole of felt for slippers?

  • To tie the inner sole, you can resort to any of the available techniques: either weave a pigtail into 35 loops and build up rows spirally in a circle, in the shape of an oval, which is the easiest way; or make a rectangle of crossed columns, then, alternating between them and semi-columns, complete it on each side with semicircles. The finished insole should have the shape of an oval and be exactly the same as the felt sole.
  • The needle insole is sewn to the felt, the thread is thrown over the edge. After that, it remains only to do the same with the top of the slippers.

If you want to make very warm knitted slippers on a felt sole with a high cuff, you can simply convert to your size the scheme of baby booties: increase the number of loops, add insole detail and felt - the best salvation from the winter cold is ready. If desired, it can be decorated with a woolen thread pompon.

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