How to make salt dough figurines

Crafts made from salt dough are fast, interesting and very practical. Unlike clay, it is not so difficult to mold and dry. In addition, it is more secure in its composition, which makes it an excellent material for children's creativity.

How to make a cat, a hare or a simpler figure out of salt dough, if you have not had experience with such a product before?

How to work with salt dough?

How to work with salt dough?

To begin with, it should be noted that there are several recipes in which the components vary, and some of them are not suitable for working with small children, because the finished product is not entirely safe as a food. The most natural composition is a set of flour, salt and water, but the ratio of these ingredients is usually selected by eye. Volumes depend on the quality parameters of each: this mainly concerns flour, which may be too fine or coarse, good or not very moisture-wise, have a high or low proportion of protein. Professionals advise to use wheat flour, although you can work with rye, but it is more coarse and ready-made mass is not so quickly takes the desired form.

  • Getting started, make sure that the room is not hot: the dough is easiest to knead at air temperature not higher than 20 degrees. Otherwise, the likelihood of rapid drying of the mixture increases.
  • Keep in mind that water must be cold. If the tap is running at room temperature, put water in any container and put in the refrigerator for 1-1.5 hours.
  • To enhance the strength of the dough, it is recommended to introduce PVA glue - only 1-2 tsp significantly improve its quality characteristics.

The details of the figures are usually shrunk on glue, since the dough pieces themselves do not fit together well and can fall off during the baking process. It is recommended to dry them only after assembly, at a temperature of 80-90 degrees, since this is an internal long-term drying, and not baking.

How to make figures from salt dough?

Regardless of what you plan to sculpt, you should take care of the availability of all tools and devices: containers with cold water, in which you will periodically moisten hands, special plastic knives with a very sharp edge, boards or just a clean, easily washable surface. It is advisable to find a small rolling pin, or replace it with a 0.5 l glass bottle. For registration of finished products may need acrylic paints, brushes, varnish. For small parts - nail scissors with rounded thin ends.

How to make figures from salt dough?

  • In order to warm up, try to start with something simple: for example, to make a horseshoe out of salted dough - the figure is very simple, requiring only a regular even pattern, as well as ideas for its design, since it will give it a zest. First draw a shape on the cardboard and cut it out.
  • Roll out the dough on the board, attach the template to it, draw the outline with the stack. To the right and to the left above with a thick needle mark holes for the threads or ribbons on which the horseshoe will hang.
  • From a separate piece of dough, rolled out a little thinner, cut the leaves drawn on the template, too. Form even smaller pieces into berries and fruits. Attach to the horseshoe, seating them on glue.

Dry the finished product in the oven, preheated to 75-80 degrees: it is recommended to put it in a cold oven, and after warming up wait 80-90 minutes. If the figure has reached the point of readiness, it will respond to a knock with a fingernail or a bone of the finger with a ringing sound, it will not be squeezed when pressed. It remains only to paint it with paints and varnish if necessary.

Salty dough cat

  • In the same flat technique, you can also make a cat, for which a piece of dough is rolled out and flattened so that an oval is formed. Bottom with scissors mark a shallow line to the middle. Make a head out of a flattened ball of dough, mold ears from it. Separate sausages - legs, rested in the sides. From the same small sausage tail is performed. The dough is dried according to the technology described above.

Salt dough

By the same algorithm, you can make a salt bunny dough, a bird or any other figure, if you understand the principle of operation. Professionals are advised to take care of a good template, which can even be found on the web, and not to draw by hand: half the success depends on it.

Salty dough figurines: ideas

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