How to make roses with your own hands from napkins

The décor elements from the hand-made category always attract attention. No exception and roses with their own hands from the napkins. You can add children to such simple handicrafts - then the creative process will acquire particular value. And beautiful flowers for sure will decorate your home, becoming its unique highlight.

Any woman knows that tasty cooked food is not all that is needed for a festive table. After all, treats should be provided with the perfect aesthetic appearance. That's when origami roses, created from ordinary paper napkins, come to the rescue. These plain things should also be decorated:

  • room;
  • gift wrapping;
  • topiary;
  • postcards.

How to make roses from napkins with your own hands?

If you need to quickly come up with and bring to life a decorative element, it may be a few roses from dense napkins pastel shades.

How to make roses from napkins with your own hands?


  1. The material for the bud is leveled on a hard surface.
  2. Bend along the long side of 6 cm out.
  3. Wrap 1 cm to the left.
  4. We hold the free edge with two fingers and wind it on the left side so that the napkin resembles a scroll.
  5. Now twist the bud where the 6 cm bend ends.
  6. Slightly bend down the edge. Rose is ready.

In order to give the flower a natural look, the bud must be tied with a ribbon or a paper napkin of any shade of green folded in the form of petals. To do this, make a triangle out of paper and fold it in half. In the middle we insert our rose.

Another method for making buds would require the use of a cork from a bottle of wine.

Rose from the napkin


  1. Napkin unfold.
  2. Bend twice to 4 cm.
  3. Layered on the cork side.
  4. We tightly twist the napkin under the cork and twist the stalk with a spiral.
  5. We take out the cork, straighten the petals. The handicraft is ready.

Master-class on making a bouquet

Often we encounter such a problem: there is a magnificent vase in the house, and the flowers in it are rare. And it is worth-dusting this beauty empty in the far corner of the shelf ... You can fix this injustice with a bouquet of roses created from napkins.

A bouquet of roses from napkins


  • napkins of suitable colors;
  • thin wire;
  • wooden chopsticks;
  • PVA glue.


  1. Napkins for roses cut into quarters.
  2. Some of the resulting rectangles are cut in half - these are the hearts of future roses.
  3. From 1 square we roll a dense ball, pour glue into it and fasten the wire.
  4. For the core 1, the rectangle is wound on a stick, removed and fastened on the ball.
  5. Now we cut the quarters of the napkin diagonally, bend the base of each triangle 1.5 cm.
  6. We apply the workpiece to the core with a bend outward and wrap it, dripping glue for better grip.
  7. The next triangle is wrapped from above, but in a different direction, to imitate the petals of a bud.
  8. When the rosette turned out we need the fullness, proceed to the stem. Green napkins cut into strips, wrapped around the wire, not forgetting to glue the paper.
  9. We fold 1 napkin into a thin tube and cut into small pieces - these are thorns. Attach them with glue to the stalk.
  10. Cut out rounded leaves and also sit on the glue. The flower is ready.

Having made the required number of roses, you can create a beautiful, very delicate bouquet for a vase.

Twisted Roses for Beginners

Do you like lush, full-blown beauties? Then try the following model.

Twisted roses from napkins do it yourself for beginners


  • 4 dense napkins, suitable for shade for flowers and leaves;
  • Food sticks;
  • sharp scissors;
  • thread.


  1. Scissor napkins, designed for flowers, into quarters.
  2. Wound on the stick the resulting rectangle, not reaching 4 cm to the edge of the paper.
  3. We make the assembly from the wound part so that the thin edge begins to resemble a frill.
  4. We twist the frills into a spiral - the petal is ready.
  5. We twist several more spirals in the same way and tie them with a thread.
  6. Cut a green napkin into triangles.
  7. We attach one corner to the rose, and with the other two we wind the base, fasten it with a thread. Rose is ready.

Such flowers can be very beautifully decorated with a round topiary made of foam ball. Roses are fixed on the base with the help of pins.

Airy paper flowers

If you want to make lush roses with thin petals, it will take a little longer. But even a novice can cope with the task.

Air roses from napkins


  • napkins;
  • scissors;
  • toothpick;
  • hard glue stick;
  • thin sticks for stalk (fragrant sticks can be used).


  1. The napkin folded in half is smoothed and cut off from a bend of 3 cm.
  2. Parse the rest of the layers.
  3. Each layer is folded into flat scrolls about 3 cm.
  4. Cut out a small oval from each scroll, not bringing the incision to the fold.
  5. We decompose the resulting stencil.
  6. We smear the wand with glue and wind the scroll on it, carefully spreading the petals with our fingers.
  7. So do with each layer of the cut napkin. Do not forget to smear the base well with glue.
  8. Glue the base with a green napkin.
  9. Now we wrap the edge of each petal on a toothpick and remove it - so we will give the rose a natural look.
  10. Lightly glue the petals together so that the flower is lush, but not "scattered". Rose is ready.

You can supplement the queen of flowers with leaves cut from a single layer of paper napkin.

It is quite simple to make roses with your own hands from napkins - you only need to prepare a beautiful material and be patient. But these cute little things will be the exclusive decoration of the house and the holiday table. In addition, the process of making origami flowers is an excellent opportunity to talk and involve children in creativity.

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