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How to make paper pompons with your own hands

Working with colored paper is always fun and interesting, and ready-made crafts can be useful not only for decorating a nursery. Decorating rooms for a wedding or parties with their own hands is gaining momentum, expensive flashy elements give way to a place of honor to simple things from natural materials.

Most gift shops today offer to buy multi-colored paper pompons, but this is not necessary, because such an element of decor can be made with your own hands in a matter of minutes.

Features of making paper pompons do it yourself

By and large, such decorative items can be made even from ordinary napkins, but they will be very small in size, and the material used for them is usually rough, it is difficult to deform and almost does not hold the shape. In addition, it is easily torn. Therefore, professionals advise to pay attention to the wrapping paper: corrugated paper is best for this purpose, especially since it can be found in any office supply store, or cigarette paper - it is very thin, translucent, but rather durable. Sheet size is desirable to watch from 60 * 60 cm and more, depending on what should be the size of the finished product.

Paper pompons with their own hands

There is an alternative way to make paper pompons, which is suitable for products that will not be located in the air, but on the surface. In this case, they should be in the form of a hemisphere. It is much easier to do this than to form a full circle. To do this, you can use napkins or even paper forms from the cupcakes: the latter have corrugated edges, which automatically makes the decorative element voluminous.

  • Fold the paper square several times so that it has an acute angle of 60-45 degrees. Repeat this action for all sheets or shapes, creating the “petals” of the future flower ball.
  • Start putting them together: put 2 of them on top of each other so that the meeting point is the top of the corner, and they themselves do not completely overshadow each other. Fasten at this point with either a pin, or sew a needle with a single thread into it.
  • Add elements according to this principle so that they gradually increase the degree of the total angle. The more of them will be in the finished circle, the more pompom will be more magnificent. Each new element must necessarily be strung on a thread.

Paper pompons with their own hands

After the circle is assembled, fan the edges, lifting them. If the volume is not enough, and the center seems to be bare, put a bead or a colored faceted stone in it (on the glue).

Why use this craft?

Despite the fact that the product seems very simple and in some way childish, you only need to look at a few photos of the finished decorated interior in order to understand that paper pompons are really universal and fit into any festive atmosphere.

Most often they are used to decorate the room or furniture at a wedding or party. A lot of small pom-poms assembled in a bouquet will serve as an excellent substitute for artificial flowers, even smaller ones can even be assembled into a "Hawaiian" garland-necklace worn by guests or heroes of the occasion on the neck.

Paper pompons with their own hands

Paper pompons with their own hands

Large pompons are often hung on thin threads below the ceiling, placing them above the table; while it is desirable to vary their height and size - such decor will create the illusion of large chandeliers. Or you can make a fake wall, pulling the thread from floor to ceiling, securing the entire length at equal distance from each other large pompons. If you do not fix these threads, and make the pompons smaller and arrange more often, light curtains will be obtained.

Pompons of paper with their hands in the shape of a heart

And this is not all ideas that can be thought out and implemented. By collecting several pompons and giving them a certain shape, you will get a three-dimensional element - for example, a heart that will decorate a wall, or, if it is small, will become a hanging toy. Small pompons glued to a thin ribbon will complement the cutlery well, keep curled napkins.

Pompons of corrugated paper do it yourself step by step

As mentioned above, if desired, instead of corrugated paper, you can take absolutely any decorative option - regular packaging, cigarette paper, or even thick foil. True, the latter is much more interesting if it is not the basis of the pom-pom, but peeking between the layers. Also need scissors, flexible and thin wire. If you plan to hang a pom-pom, pick up an inconspicuous thread.

Pompons of corrugated paper do it yourself step by step

  • Fold the sheets of paper on each other in any order: you can alternate only 2 shades, or you can lay out a rainbow or a wider range - it all depends on the assortment of basic material in your use.
  • Make sure that the sheet sizes are identical to each other, trim the edges with scissors if necessary. The preferred shape for the job is a rectangle with an aspect ratio of 3: 4, but this is not the only correct parameter, and you can work with square or more elongated rectangles. It is important to consider only that the width of the sheet will determine the diameter of the future sphere.

Pompons of corrugated paper do it yourself step by step

  • Lay 10-12 sheets on top of each other, dock the corners, start folding them with the harmonica: bend the edge so that the entire stack is at the same time. The width of the strip (i.e., from bend to bend) is chosen arbitrarily, but considering the thickness of all sheets, it is recommended not to make it less than 2 cm: this will simply be inconvenient. Professionals advise to keep the width within 3-7 cm - if you make it larger, the pom-pom will lose in volume.
  • After you have assembled the "accordion", hold it with your fingers over the middle and wrap the wire around this point several times. You can make a ring and pass the “accordion” through it to the same middle, but this is a little more complicated and does not guarantee that the fixing element fits snugly.

Pompons of corrugated paper do it yourself step by step

  • At the moment, the product is ready for disclosure, but it is too rough. To fix this, use scissors to round each sharp corner of the accordion. If you collected less than 10 sheets at the same time, this can be done without even straightening the folds, i.e. just 4 movements that will allow the cut to look the same.
  • After that, start to separate the paper layers, thereby giving volume to the ball. Lift each part as gently as possible to prevent damage to the paper, especially at the edges.

Pompons of corrugated paper do it yourself step by step

To hang the finished pompon, thread between the paper and the wire, tie it in a double knot. Due to the overall pomp of the product, this point will be hidden from prying eyes.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the ways of creating pompons with their own hands do not end there: you can experiment not only with the varieties of paper, but also with the way it is used. For example, take not solid sheets, but pre-cut into thin ribbons that need to be stapled together in a “broomstick”, and then assembled into a lush ball.

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