How to make paper old

The aging effect of paper, the so-called distressing, is one of the bright and stylish effects that are used in scrapbooking, decoupage and some other types of decorative and applied art. You can make old paper yourself at home.

How to make paper old at home with text?

How to make paper old?

There are several ways to quickly aging the paper yourself. One of them using a brown pencil.

To do this, use a brown pencil to draw a narrow contour around the edge of the sheet with the text that you want to make old. Set it aside. Then take a small piece of paper and color it very tightly with the same pencil. Turn the brown leaf over to the workpiece and walk it several times on each side until you get the effect you want.

Now you need to deform the edges of the workpiece. You can use scissors blades, but it's more convenient to do this with your hands. Go through each corner, tear off pieces of paper and thereby achieve the effect of aged edges.

At this process of aging is not over. Randomly spilled tea, fingerprints ... Add some dark spots. Use for this purpose acrylic paint and sponge. Lightly walk around the edges, leaving vague blots. When it dries, repeat everything described above from the other side. The paper can also be rubbed with a candle stub wax or paraffin dripped onto it in several places.

Method number 1: use coffee

How to make paper old?

  • Before starting the aging process, prepare the paper. If you want the text to be printed on it, print it or write it. In addition, you will need coffee (instant or instant and ground), a paper towel, a sponge (or a very soft brush) and hot water.
  • In 1/2 Art. boiling water dissolve about 2, 5 tbsp. l coffee powder. Stir it thoroughly and cool the liquid completely. Put the paper in any container (a baking tray with a rim is perfect) and cover with this solution. Spread the coffee over the entire surface of the paper with a brush or regular sponge. If desired, you can sprinkle dry granules of coffee on paper and leave them for a while (this will provide the effect of variegated stains, uneven coloring of the sheet).
  • Leave the paper in water for 15 minutes (depending on its density), then remove excess moisture with paper towels. Then dry the paper well in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for a few minutes.

Method number 2: we get old paper

How to make paper old?

For the procedure of paper aging tea, you will need: a few bags of black tea, hot water, a sponge (or paper napkins), of course, and the sheet of paper you will process.

Tea in advance boil in boiling water (concentration of about 3 sachets of 0.5 liters of water - the stronger the tea, the richer the color of the paper). Let it infuse for about 1 hour. Then remove the bags from the cooled infusion and use them to put tea on a piece of paper. The composition can be applied in spots, stripes, in places you can rub the sheet by the bag itself (this will significantly enhance the effect of wear).

When the paper is completely saturated with strong tea, remove all excess liquid from it with a paper towel. Now dry the billet in a heated oven for a few minutes at 180-200 degrees.

In naturally aged paper, most often uneven edges. In order to recreate such an effect by yourself, you should pat the edges with your hands, rub them with a sandpaper or hard sponge, tear them in several places, or slightly burn them over the flame. Doing all this, follow the measure so that the paper looks worn, but does not become old.

You can increase the effect of aging paper like this: before painting, wrink the sheet into a ball, and then straighten it. If during staining you add groats, small leaves, pieces of grass or other similar objects to the solution, an interesting pattern is formed on the blank.

Aged paper is often required for various types of crafts. You can buy it in the shop for creativity or make it yourself. This can be done with the help of colored pencils, tea or coffee. In the process of aging the sheet, be careful not to damage the paper.

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