How to make pamponchik of thread

Fluffy pampons were a frequent guest on children's hats a few decades ago, and today, often, young mothers also decorate the warm clothes of their children with this funny element. Fur can be a material for it, but where yarn is used more often is not only very affordable, but also easy to use. How to independently make a pomp on a hat, what nuances should be taken into account and how to subsequently attach the finished product?

General principles of creating fluffy jewelry

How to make pamponchik of yarn?

Regardless of where exactly this soft volume ball will be attached, you need to take care that it keeps its shape well, if necessary it can be easily cleaned. And, of course, it is important to monitor the compliance of the decoration materials and the main product. What to look for?

  • Yarn. Most buboes are made from it, and their appearance depends on its quality: choose thick, thick threads to get a fluffy element, no matter what size it is. The ideal option would be porous wool.
  • Lekala. In spite of the fact that the pampont made of yarn looks very simple and hardly takes 10-15 minutes. on its creation, the procedure begins with the preparation of the part template, which will subsequently need to be duplicated several times. However, for some technicians it is not necessary, but a special blank tool is required.
  • How to find out the consumption of material? According to comments needlewomen, if you focus on a round ball, then its volume is almost always equal to the volume of the pom-pom. In grams, this is at least 17-20 g, but consider the weight fluctuations depending on the material.

Before you begin to work, be prepared for the fact that after connecting all the details (by the time the procedure is completed) you will need to trim the lines. It does not depend on your skills in needlework, nor on how smoothly all the elements will be formed - this is a characteristic feature of such products. Based on this, lay in the size of 1-2 cm, which will subsequently go away.

Ways to make a soft pompom

The easiest option, according to which a bubo on a cap of thread can be made in minutes, involves the use of a cardboard ring - this will be the main tool.

Bubon on a cap of thread

  • Its dimensions are calculated individually: for example, for a ball with a radius of 7 cm, you need a circle with a radius of 11 cm. At the same time, you need to cut an inner radius of 4 cm. The greater the difference between the inner and outer, the larger the finished element will be.
  • The thread is laid on the template so that it is very tightly wrapped around the cardboard base. After that, with the help of a needle, inside it is going to a new single thread that needs to be tightened into a knot to mark the center of the bubo. Then the wound "loops" are cut along the circumference, the cardboard is removed, the ends of the ball are trimmed.

There are more complex methods, however, also available to each, since they imply the use of available tools. Cardboard is needed again, but of a larger size: the width depends on the diameter of the future product, therefore it can reach 15–18 cm, and be much smaller — only 6–8 cm. The length is chosen arbitrarily, it does not affect anything, but it should match the size of the bubo or be slightly larger.

  • In the center of the cardboard rectangle you need to make a thick puncture, after which an incision is made parallel to the long side to this point. It is desirable that its thickness is equal to the thickness of the thread, otherwise it will be difficult to work.
  • Cut the thread length of 50-60 cm from the ball, fold in half, pass through the incision so that it is stretched parallel to the long side of the cardboard. After that, start to wind the yarn on the template, placing it perpendicular to this thread.
  • When all the prepared ball is used up, prepare the thread to the notch, wrap around the winding center and pull it into a knot. Make 2-3 windings and the same number of nodes to fix this point as firmly as possible.

Then it remains only to cut the loops on the top and bottom (along the long sides of the cardboard), and the pumponchik of the threads is ready. To make it a perfect round shape, walk around the edge with scissors.

How to make pamponchik of yarn?

How to make pamponchik of yarn on the bag?

Christmas decoration of pompons

Plaid decoration with pompoms

How to make pamponchik of yarn?

How to make pamponchik of yarn?

How to make pamponchik of yarn?

How to make pamponchik of yarn?

By the same methods you can make multi-color balls, alternating threads at the time of winding the template. And you can attach the product to a hat or other thing with the help of the thread that ties its center: for this it is made slightly longer - by 10-15 cm, so that you can easily sew several knots and stitches. Or you can use a new thread that will be passed through this point.

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