How to make jeans shorts

The ability to do something new and unusual from old things is a real talent. Denim shorts will never go out of fashion: they are versatile, comfortable and practical. In the wardrobe of every girl there will be at least 1 old jeans, which can be turned into fashionable shorts with a simple movement of scissors. And if you make a little effort, you can effectively decorate them.

How to trim jeans under shorts?

How to make jeans shorts?

You will need:

  1. Old jeans;
  2. Sewing machine;
  3. Scissors;
  4. Threads;
  5. Needles;
  6. A piece of chalk;
  7. Overlock;
  8. Decorative items.


  • Each girl in the wardrobe there are old jeans, which eventually lost a presentable look. From them it is easy to make fashionable summer shorts in which you can walk in the park and walk to the beach.
  • First you need to cut jeans. Determine the optimal length, arm with scissors and cut off the extra leg. The easiest and best way to find the length of the product is to attach the existing shorts to the jeans, mark the line and add the width of the hem to it.
  • First, it is recommended to cut off 1 leg, then fold the jeans in 2 halves, and cut off the 2nd leg. Keep them straight. If you fail, the shorts will not look very neat.
  • You can make a hemmer or process the cut edges of the leg with an overlock, tuck into 1 layer and sew with thread to match the denim or contrast. If the hem of the bottom is simple, add 2 - 3 cm, if double - 4 - 5 cm. It is best to pre-iron the hem line of the shorts or even sweep.
  • Interestingly, instead of podgibov you can make cuffs. These are the same bends, only in the opposite direction. For cuffs, usually leave about 5 - 7 cm (depending on the desired thickness).
  • If you have a sewing experience, it will be enough to chop a heel with pins. Always do the finishing line of the hemming of the shorts on the wrong side, and not on the front one. This will help make a neat and even seam. If you have no experience, you can draw a line under the ruler and make a line along it.
  • Instead of the usual stitching, the edge of the jeans can be fixed with the help of an adhesive tape, which, after the first wash, will firmly fasten and hold for a very long time.
  • To make a double hem on a regular sewing machine is quite difficult. Therefore, if your does not take a thick cloth, it is better not to risk it. Otherwise, it is possible to break not only the needle, but also the device itself.

Dressing denim shorts: ways

How to make jeans shorts?

Ready-made denim shorts can be decorated with sequins, beads or rhinestones. First, draw a pattern or a drawing with a ballpoint pen. Then, wash or glue sequins or rhinestones. It is better, of course, to sew a pattern, then you will be sure that the appliqué will not peel off in the course of washing.

In addition, you can stick the appliqué or sew a colored or patterned fabric on the cuffs. So the shorts will look very stylish and unusual.

Recently, denim shorts with lace have been particularly popular. For this you need any pieces of lace fabric. In specialized stores for sale lace with a special sticker on the back side, which can be attached to any fabric, if ironed iron. If you have not found such matter, purchase a special glue for fabric and use it to fix it. You can also gently sew lace with small stitches, pre-fixing it with pins on the folds. The stitches should be as visible as possible on the front of the item.

Very popular torn model shorts. To create them you will need a well-sharpened stationery knife or razor, as well as crayon. In order not to spoil the thing, first mark the lines of the cuts, start delicate vertical “reticulums”, which can be supplemented with new cuts in the process.

After marking, be sure to try on the model, if you are sure of the design, feel free to start cutting. During it, be sure to put a piece of thick cardboard or a wooden plank under the leg so as not to cut through both panels through.

Dissect and cut both longitudinal and transverse threads to the desired length. And walk through the incision with a brush, you can take the usual old tooth. After that, be sure to wash the shorts in the washing machine - it will give the decor a finished look.

A very fashionable experiment - colored shorts from old jeans. The palette and drawings can be very diverse. Before you drastically change the color of a thing, you need to whiten it. Spray concentrated bleach onto your shorts with a spray bottle. They should be well soaked in whiteness. Leave them on for 4 to 5 hours until the paint is gone. Rinse discolored shorts thoroughly in water and dry.

Currently, multicolored shorts are in vogue, in which shades of colors are mixed at the borders. This color is called ombre. To make such an effect, it is necessary to apply paint in turn, rubbing them on adjacent areas. It is better to use consistent shades, i.e. which are located among themselves on the color palette. So shorts will be more harmonious.

As for the drawing, you can use stencils and special paints for fabrics (acrylic ones will also work). If you are good at drawing, you can come up with a drawing yourself and transfer it to denim shorts.

How to make fashionable jeans shorts?

How to make jeans shorts?

You will need:

  1. Old jeans;
  2. Pencil or crayon;
  3. Scissors;
  4. Stationery knife;
  5. Whiteness or bleach;
  6. Spray;
  7. Threads;
  8. Needles;
  9. Sandpaper;
  10. Thermal rivets and rhinestones;
  11. Glue.


  • Take the old jeans, mark the future length of the shorts with a pencil. Cut the legs with scissors along the intended line. Put the shorts on a surface that does not get spoiled by bleach. Pour whiteness or bleach into the nebulizer, mentally split the shorts in half horizontally and spray the whiteness in the lower half of the shorts (front and back). When they become discolored, rinse with water, but do not wash.
  • Wait until dry. Now take a stationery knife or sandpaper. Make small cuts with a knife or scrub the edges of the shorts with a sandpaper. Using scissors, make holes in several parts of the shorts. They can be sheathed with a beautiful seam with the help of contrasting threads or simply to be tousled by hands.
  • Wash the shorts in a washing machine, with the addition of powder and fabric softener, so as not to smell the whiteness. The next step will be the design of thermo rivets and rhinestones. Put the rivets in any order you like on the shorts, lay the fabric on top and iron it. Rhinestones can be glued with special glue.

Denim shorts are fashionable and comfortable clothing that is popular on hot summer days. They are simply made from old jeans that you don’t wear. Having shown imagination, you can decorate shorts in the most different ways, having created your own unique design.

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