How to make fitolampy for plants

In the autumn-winter period, many plants especially need the sun, which is so little at this time. Therefore, phytolamps were developed, which are a source of artificial light and restore the normal photosynthesis process in greens. Today it is not difficult to buy such a device, however, this is a costly business, so it’s better to make lamps for flowers with your own hands.

The need and advantages of a homemade lamp

When the plant lacks the sun, it stops growing and begins to wither.

When the plant lacks the sun, it stops growing and begins to wither. The phytolamp allows you to save oxygen and energy, which is necessary for the development, nutrition and health of the young sprout.

The advantages of a homemade device are great:

  • It will improve the consumption of chlorophyll by plants, accelerate the processes of metabolism and growth of the root system;
  • It has an efficiency of about 96%, therefore it is energy saving;
  • Good service life - 50000-100000 hours;
  • The heating temperature (30-55 degrees) prevents green from overheating if the lamp is positioned correctly;
  • If you buy a phytolamp in the store, then there is a high probability not only to overpay 3-4 times, but also to get the unit with the wrong LEDs and lose the main part of the useful effect. Phytolamps for plants with their own hands will save you from such unpleasant nuances.

Handbook and wise advice

If you have basic knowledge and want to work with your hands

If you have basic knowledge and have a desire to work with your hands, then making phytolamps will not seem difficult for you. For the most simple way you will need the following components:

  • Metal or wooden base;
  • Wires and power supply;
  • Driver and connector;
  • Fasteners.

In order for the lamp to work, you need a current source. An illuminated switch can be used as it, the LM317 stabilizer will be a better choice, but you should also add a resistor to it. It should also be noted that if the current is from 350mA, then the radiator must be placed on the chip.

The best option when creating fitolampy do it yourself will be a special driver for LEDs. It should be chosen with respect to current and voltage.

When creating a lamp, it is not recommended to take an ordinary incandescent bulb, since it does not need a spectrum of color and heat transfer is great. Consider the fact that the phytolamp should not flicker, buzz, cause discomfort to the eyes. Avoid and additional heating, so the air in the room will not be dried out.

Phytolamp for seedlings should be placed in such a way that it is convenient for you to move, and at the same time, the rules of fire safety are observed. For several plants of similar size it is better to use compact lamps, and for single and high ones, install individual searchlights.

Reviews on the production: how to choose the color fitolampy?

to make a phytolamp is not difficult if you stick to the above tips

Reviews say one thing: to make a fitolamp is not difficult, if you follow the above advice and do not forget at the same time, be guided by your own mind and the individual characteristics of your plants.

Find all the components is also not difficult, for this you need to contact the specialty stores, including you can use the online stores.

As for the color of the lamp, then it should be noted that the plants do not need the green light. They themselves are his reflectors, so it turns out that they do not perceive landings, and that you do not shine at all. The same can be said about the white light.

In fact, plants additionally need only two colors: blue - 40-20% and red - 60-80%. Your choice should proceed from the task:

  • Red color - the plant needs for flowering and fruit formation;
  • Blue color - necessary for gaining green mass and the formation of the root system. If the plant lacks blue color, then its growth stops, the stem becomes thick, and the leaves are wide and large.

All other colors of the solar spectrum should not be used, as their plant is enough because of the window.

Phytolamps for plants can be profitable inventions with their own hands, which will help to save money, creating a high-quality device, and get a good harvest. Making the lamp is not difficult, the main thing is to correctly understand the principles and procedure of work. With fitolamps your plants will be healthy and tall.

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