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How to make dolls from plasticine

Plasticine molding is a very exciting activity for children and their parents. And have you ever thought that using such material you can make not only animal figurines, but also various dishes? In appearance they can not be distinguished from the natural, however, a fake issue small size. How to make food from plasticine, our article will tell in detail.

Master macaroons for dolls

How and what kind of plasticine to make food for dolls, you should tell your imagination. It can be a variety of fruits or vegetables, bread with a golden crust or a variety of cookies. Like, for example, these wonderful macaroons - a biscuit consisting of two halves and glued together with a filling. Puppets just like this treat.

Macarons for dolls

Necessary materials:

  • plasticine 5 colors: fuchsia, red, white, crimson and brown;
  • tin mold;
  • plastic plate;
  • rolling pin;
  • wooden stick;
  • ribbon or thread.

Process description:

  1. Roll out of plasticine three balls of red, pink and crimson plus three pieces of white shade. Combine contrasting colors with white balls and roll out as much as possible each piece of clay.Macarons for dolls
  2. Then, using a tin mold, cut out two circles and lightly press each of them with your finger.
  3. Now from the residual material we roll a thin long sausage and attach it to the edge of each circle. With the help of a wooden stick or toothpick we add a relief contour to the sausage.
  4. Cut out the same shape, but a little thinner in terms of mugs of brown clay.Macarons for dolls
  5. For each half of the contrasting color, lay out the mugs of brown clay and cover with the second part of the macaroons. Gently fasten together all the other halves.Macarons for dolls
  6. In the center of the cookies you can make a small hole and push the thread in order not to lose ready-made doll food in the future.

Waffle cup ice cream

The modeling of plasticine is in itself a very interesting activity, and making various dishes is more exciting than double. Moreover, as practice shows, such a pastime allows the child not only to develop the motor skills of the hands, but also to become familiar with the subtleties of a particular dish. Often, having mastered simple techniques, children are no longer interested in making fruit and vegetables alone. Try inventing something new. How to make food from plasticine, in particular, a delicious ice cream, this master class will tell.

Waffle cup ice cream

Necessary materials:

  • pieces of plasticine 4 colors: yellow, red, white and brown;
  • plastic knife;
  • toothpick;
  • plate for sculpting.

Process description:

  1. Let's start with making a waffle cup. For this, we make a cone-shaped sausage from yellow plasticine.Waffle cup ice cream
  2. Then we roll the white clay into a ball and attach it to the base of the cone, lightly press down the structure with a finger and align the edges.Waffle cup ice cream
  3. Now from the material of brown and red tint we roll two thick sausages in two pieces - it will be a filling for ice cream. Attach sausages crosswise over white ice cream.

    Waffle cup ice cream
  4. Then we decorate a delicacy with a crunchy crumb from white and yellow plasticine, rolled up with small balls.Waffle cup ice cream
  5. At the very end with the help of a toothpick draw waffle patterns on the cup. Now you can treat Barbie with this dish.Waffle cup ice cream

Sculpt berry cake

Continuing the theme of delicacies, we suggest to get acquainted with the photo-lesson, how to make a cake from plasticine. The principle of operation is practically no different from modeling other dishes, and it will be easy to master even for children of 3-4 years old. A ready-made cake would definitely suit dolls and plush animals.

Sculpt berry cake from plasticine

Necessary materials:

  • multi-colored clay;
  • toothpick;
  • board for sculpting.

Process description:

  1. From different colors of plasticine we roll 4 balls for the filling of the cake and proceed to the formation of the cake layers. Gently press each ball with your fingers on both sides and roll the barrel.
  2. We combine all the colors together, forming multi-colored layers, and again align the edges.Sculpt berry cake from plasticine
  3. Now from plasticine of a new color with the help of a rolling pin we roll out a thin layer of such a size to completely cover the cake. We place in the center of the layer cakes.Sculpt berry cake from plasticine
  4. We join together the ends of the glaze, and cut off the excess with a clerical knife.Sculpt berry cake from plasticine
  5. We roll a thin sausage from white or beige plasticine and we twist it in the manner of a rope - we have a wonderful cream decoration.
  6. Attach the cream on top and at the base of the cake, cut off the excess and connect the ends.Sculpt berry cake from plasticine
  7. Then use the same stationery knife to cut the cake into pieces, if desired, only one portion can be cut out.Sculpt berry cake from plasticine
  8. With the help of a toothpick, add a loose biscuit shape to brown plasticine cakes. If there is no toothpick, this can be done with an old toothbrush.Sculpt berry cake from plasticine
  9. If there are plastic small fruits, then we decorate each piece of cake with them. Now the doll delicacy can be served.

Based on the principles of working with clay, you can invent other dishes. For example, children like to make sushi or pizza. In addition, you can always peep ideas in modeling of polymer clay. The only difference in this technique is that the finished work from clay hardens, and from clay, it remains soft and deformed. In general, add to the work a little bit of fantasy, a pinch of inspiration, a spoonful of perseverance, and make a new dish with your child.

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