How to make a wallet with your own hands

Handmade accessories will always help you to be on the crest of a fashionable wave, look fashionable and extravagant, keep your unique personality and style. Even such small and seemingly insignificant detail as purse, will emphasize your unique image, reveal the secrets of your character, or, on the contrary, will intrigue those in whose society you will be.

Model number 1 wallet do it yourself

Such a wallet is very simple to make. It can both be put in a briefcase with money for a dining room, and give some extravagance to one's beloved one.

For the manufacture of this product you will need: leather or natural leather, glue "Moment", scissors and a piece of velcro.

  • First we outline and cut out the details of the future wallet. In total there should be three flowers. They are useful for decoration. They should be three pieces, with different sizes and, preferably, different in color. In addition, you need the base of the wallet and a flap that will serve as a lock. Punch need to make holes in the flowers and the valve.

  • Using glue, we connect the stock on the front side of the wallet base with the wrong side of the valve. Then we smear the “sides” of the base side with the “Moment”, turn them up and glue them to the purse flap.
  • Then we take two pieces of velcro and glue them so that we get a clasp.
  • In order to collect our flower, which is the main highlight of the wallet, we glue together its three parts. Then glue the resulting multi-layered flower to the wallet and stitch it with a thin strip of leather. To prevent the flower from blooming, we cut off the unnecessary part of the skin strip and glue its tip.

A wallet with your own hands. Model number 2

The next wallet is for lovers of some light negligence in accessories. Also, there is no particular difficulty in manufacturing.

In order for the product to be born, two types of fabric are needed. Take flax for the outer part of the wallet, and cotton for the inner lining. So, you have to carve out:

  1. four parts 21x10cm plus seam allowances (centimeter on each side); two parts must be linen, the other two, respectively, cotton (the future main part of the wallet);
  2. two parts of 10x5.5 cm in size for the compartment in which the cards will be placed (for this, it is better to take an overcoat fabric, but any other one will also work);
  3. for the future department for the little things, we cut out from flax and cotton one piece of 10x9 cm in size (and do not forget about the seam allowance for one centimeter seams);
  4. two pieces of linen and cotton for fastener.

  • First, on one of the parts of the base with the help of basting seams, we mark all auxiliary lines. On this part of a pocket offices for a trifle and cards will settle down.
  • Now we sew a pocket for coins. We fold the parts of the pocket so that its front sides are inside. Then we stitch only its corner, turn it with the front side out, iron it and sew the velcro along the top edge over the entire width of the pocket. The second part of the Velcro stick on the main pocket, where you need to sew and departments for cards.

  • We combine the pocket for small things with the base.
  • Now you need to equip our accessory clasp. On the front side of cotton fabric sew a button. To the front side of the cotton piece we attach the "face" of flax and stitch. Then turn out and iron. To decorate a fastener, you can stitch an already twisted fastener, but this is not necessary.

  • All the linen base details are folded face down. The pockets we sewed earlier should be inside, there should also be a part of the fastener with a button. We sew all this from three sides, then we twist it, iron it. We fold cotton parts facing each other, sew, but do not turn them out. Insert cotton pocket in linen and connect them. Inside the resulting pocket sew three buttons or Velcro. All wallet ready.

Products made by you personally will allow you to give yourself exactly the thing that will be to your liking, please the eye and instill a special mood. In addition, the second, exactly the same, the purse will not be any more than one person, of course, if you do not open mass production.

Especially for Marie Matveyuk

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