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How to make a trinket of gum on the machine

To date, one of the current trends in needlework is the modeling of handicrafts made of bright colored rubber bands. Many craftswomen who are just mastering this type of art are interested in how to make a trinket of rubber bands. That's the topic for today's conversation.

How to make a trinket of gum on the machine?

On the Web, you can find a lot of video tutorials and tutorials for creating various volumetric figures from rubber bands. You can weave a figure of ice cream, Mignon, an owl, a flower, etc. from silicone colored rubber bands. If you only master the skills of modeling crafts from gum, then it is best to use a special machine when weaving a key fob.

Many of us enthusiastically watched all the parts of the famous Minionah cartoon. You can make a funny hero in the form of a banana from rubber bands and hang it on the keys, backpack, gadget.

Minion Keychain Gum

Necessary materials:

  • silicone rubber bands in white, yellow, black and blue;
  • machine with three columns with cells;
  • crochet hook

Step-by-step process description:

  1. We install a machine for modeling a figure of rubber bands so that the arrow, that is, the open part of the cell, looks at us.
  2. Starting from the extreme cell of the middle column, we string the black gum.
  3. On the second row of cells horizontally stringing paired yellow gum.How to make a trinket of gum on the machine?
  4. On top of these rubber bands only in the vertical direction we string another two yellow things. They must capture two adjacent rows on all columns.
  5. In the next row, we also string the extreme columns of the yellow gum on the extreme columns, and the black on the middle column.How to make a trinket of gum on the machine?
  6. Now on the extreme columns we string paired elastic bands in black, and on the central cell - in white.
  7. In the fourth row on the outermost columns we string paired elastic bands of yellow color, and on the middle cells - black.How to make a trinket of gum on the machine?
  8. In the next row, only yellow paired elastic bands are strung on all cells.
  9. The next two rows on all the cells are fixed with blue or bright blue gum.How to make a trinket of gum on the machine?
  10. Then we string only black rubber bands on the outermost columns, and the central cells remain empty.
  11. Separately, using the hook, twist the black rubber bands in three turns and put them on over the blue ones. We place them on the cells where blue and yellow elastic bands meet.How to make a trinket of gum on the machine?
  12. Blue elastic bands are wound twice, and then put them on over black ones, retreating three cells.
  13. Next, stretch the gum to the appropriate color, that is, blue to blue and yellow, respectively.How to make a trinket of gum on the machine?
  14. Using the hook, carefully remove all the rows and straighten the Mignon figure with your fingers.How to make a trinket of gum on the machine?

If there is no machine: learn the basics of working with forks

If you do not have a special machine at hand, then you can use an ordinary table fork to weave the figurine. To create some figures you need two forks, placed with the rounded side to each other. If you want to make an original key chain, try to weave a volumetric heart out of bright rubber bands. Only for such crafts you will need four forks. Place two forks side by side and tape them together on the handles at the bottom of the teeth.

Necessary materials:

  • 4 table forks;
  • crochet hook;
  • silicone gum of various shades.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. So, from the forks we have already made the so-called double machine.
  2. Take the gum of the selected color and hook it on the fourth clove. The counting is on the right side.
  3. Around this clove wrap gum four times.
  4. From above we string one more elastic band only for two opposite teeth.
  5. Twisted gum shoot on the center.
  6. On the top three cloves we string another rubber band, forming a figure eight.
  7. Over the next three cloves we catch paired gum.
  8. We remove the bottom row and the threads laid out in the horizontal direction.How to make a key chain of gum without a machine?
  9. On five cloves we string paired elastic bands, as shown in the photo.How to make a key chain of gum without a machine?
  10. Once again we string the paired gum, and remove the last row and horizontally laid out gum.
  11. Seven teeth strung gum.
  12. Pair of gum worn on the opposite teeth.
  13. Horizontally laid out gum, as well as the last woven row remove.
  14. Once again we repeat the last described algorithm, thus, the fourth teeth remain free, and the loops are fixed on the adjacent teeth.
  15. Throw gum vertically on the three left and three right teeth.
  16. Last row and horizontally laid out gum remove.How to make a key chain of gum without a machine?
  17. Make a loop on the hook, fix it on the key chain.
  18. Ready the heart gently, alternately each row, remove from the teeth of forks, straighten fingers, giving it a three-dimensional shape.How to make a key chain of gum without a machine?

Making a trinket-banana using a slingshot

Some needlewomen, as an alternative to forks, plastic looms or crochet hooks, prefer to make various pieces of silicone rubber using a plastic slingshot. With the help of this device you can weave an unusual and very beautiful key chain. Let's try to make a trinket in the form of a tropical fruit - a banana.

Gum banana

Necessary materials:

  • crochet hook;
  • silicone gum of different shades;
  • plastic device in the form of a slingshot.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. On the right column of the slingshot, we wrap the black silicone rubber band in four turns.
  2. On both columns of the slingshot we string paired yellow rubber bands.
  3. Through the top row, throw off the black twisted gum with a hook.How to make a trinket of rubber bands on a slingshot?
  4. Next, we string four more yellow-colored elastic bands on both branches of the slingshot.
  5. Carefully remove the previous row with a hook and drop it in the middle.
  6. By analogy we weave the next row and do again, dropping the previous row to the middle.
  7. You can perform the above actions until you add a banana of the desired length.
  8. The last row must be made of black rubber bands.
  9. Slowly pull the last loop by hook, forming the mount for the key fob.
  10. Here we have such a wonderful and unique trinket-banana.How to make a trinket of rubber bands on a slingshot?

From silicone rubber bands you can make any shapes using the tools for such needlework. Try to simulate key rings with their households. Success in creative work!

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