How to make a swan out of an apple

It is not a secret for anyone that dishes served on a festive table should be not only tasty, but also beautiful. Interestingly designed food will show guests that you prepared for them with pleasure. Nowadays, carving art, which anyone can master, is especially popular. For example, you can easily and quickly make a swan out of an apple, decorating any dish with it.

How to make a swan out of an apple: step by step description

How to make a swan out of an apple?

The apple swan is the simplest figure that will not be difficult to make even for beginners. In order not to get lost in the actions, a step-by-step instruction is made. For such crafts you need special knives for carving. If they are not, use the thinnest knife that you have at home. In addition, you will need another 2 butter knives.

How to make a swan out of an apple?How to make a swan out of an apple?

Take a ripe and beautiful apple, cut it diagonally through the center. 1 of the halves lay cut down on a cutting board. Butter knives are placed above and below the apple - they will stop the knife, with which you will cut the wings of the swans, preventing it from entering deeper than necessary. Cut the apple on both sides of the core. To do this, visually mark in the middle a 1 cm wide strip. Make a cut with a knife not to the end of the fruit, make a counter cut from the bottom. Spend exactly the same manipulations with the other side.

How to make a swan out of an apple?How to make a swan out of an apple?

Now make as many neat corners as possible from the piece that you cut in the previous step. The more cut you have, the more beautiful the wings will be. Do not forget that the corners should be the same number on both sides. When you cut out everything, you can begin to form the wings. Place the cut corners on top of each other.

How to make a swan out of an apple?

How to make a swan out of an apple?

Prepare a place for the head: make a deep cut in the middle of the body of the swan (1 cm wide strip). To make the head, you need the remaining half of the apple. Cut them out of her slice, which is equal in thickness to the prepared place for the head. Make several cuts so that you have a finished figure. Make eyes from apple seeds and attach them.

Simple master class

How to make a swan out of an apple?

You will need:

  1. An Apple;
  2. Sharp knife;
  3. Cutting board;
  4. Match or toothpick;
  5. Currant or blueberry berries.


  • Try to choose an apple on which there are no flaws. Take a sharp knife - the thinner it is, the more parts of the wings can you make at the swan. Cut the apple in half and clean out the core. Put 1 half cut down and carefully cut in it from 2 sides along the slice. In each of the sides, cut another 2 small parts (according to the nesting doll principle, one in the other).
  • Insert the large lobules back, slightly moving them from the cut line. In the same way, install small ones in their places - one in the other, and each is shifted to the side. You should have a swan body with magnificent wings.
  • From the remaining 2nd half of the apple, cut a thin slice - this will be the neck. In the half of the body, make a deep triangular neckline - this will be a place for the neck. Insert the blank into the cutout. Break off part of a toothpick and use it to make a swan your eyes out of the berries.

Useful tips

  1. To make the final result more colorful, use apples of different colors (green, red, yellow) to create swans.
  2. It is advisable to use fruit for decoration, which contains a moderate amount of iron so that your swans do not darken as long as possible. To check the amount of iron in an apple, make an incision on it and see how soon it starts to darken. If after 10 - 15 minutes, it is better not to use such fruits.
  3. Apples for carving should not be very ripe. It is better to give preference to glossy, dense fruit.
  4. The size of apples can be any, but before carving and after it, to prevent browning, soak them for 15-20 minutes in a solution of citric acid with water. Periodically water this fruit during cutting.
  5. After carving, soak the swan for 15-20 minutes in ice water.
  6. Use knives made of high quality steel only, they not only do not get blunt for a long time, but also will not affect the color of the products.
  7. Try not to forget the sense of proportion. Use decorations for accents.

Video tutorial

Carving is the art of vegetable and fruit carving that anyone can master. Apple swan in this technique will decorate any table. It is not difficult to make such a figure, besides, you will not need a large number of ingredients and additional materials. Children like these swans are very eaten, so often they decorate the children's table with such figures.

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