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How to make a suit

On a themed holiday, everyone wants to prepare an original and exclusive costume. Popular earlier outfits were replaced by modern cartoon characters, but few people remember about the images of characters from legends and fairy tales. Turning to one of them, you can be sure that this costume will be unique.

Goblin is one of the most vivid characters of many fairy tales and legends. In order to realize his image, it will take a lot of patience and time, as well as a significant amount of materials.

Making the suit Leshego is not so simple. All those images that show television fairy tales and cartoons are a subjective perception of folk legends. Each of the directors or artists offers his own version of this hero, which he was able to visualize by reading a fairy tale. Therefore, there is no one specific type, because everyone sees the fairy-tale hero in his own way.

Preparing for the holiday, it is best to use your own imagination and realize the original character. But if there is no time, it makes sense to borrow other people's ideas for the Leshego costume, whose photos are easy to find on the Internet.

do-it-yourself suit

How to make a traditional costume Leshego do-it-yourself?

The Goblin is a forest dweller, therefore there is no pretentiousness in his appearance. The suit should be in soothing colors, and at the same time should emphasize some negligence. To do this, you will have to go to a forest or park, and look for the following:

  1. tree bark;
  2. dry and green leaves;
  3. moss;
  4. cones;
  5. acorns and other natural materials.

In the store you need to purchase the right amount of matter in green, brown or gray. The palette should be natural, appropriate forest range. Also need glue, it is best to take silicone.

If there is a need to make the New Year costume for Leszhego, then instead of natural materials that cannot be found in the winter, artificial substitutes can be used. For example, corrugated paper will look great as green leaves. You can find it in the office supply store. It is very thin and fragile, so you need to cut the "leaves" out of it according to preliminary sketches.

How to make a traditional costume Leshego do-it-yourself?How to make a traditional costume Leshego do-it-yourself?

  • Creating a costume begins with the determination of the necessary measurements and subsequent patterns. When the base is ready, you can proceed to the decoration. It is the main element in creating the image of Leshego. But you should think about it in advance, so as not to spoil the overall picture. For greater accuracy, the finished costume is sketched, and then create an outfit on the sketch.
  • Prepared materials need to be collected in the composition, combine with glue and attach to the fabric. Cones and acorns are better to sew with threads to match the fabric, as glue can not withstand their weight. A variety of leaves and flowers can be scattered in random order along the entire length of the costume or attached with ropes. Leshego's New Year's costume can be decorated with feathers and bird fluff. These materials are easiest to get from the old pillow.
  • To create a fabulous image with your own hands you will need not only a costume, but also a headdress. This may be a neat hat, and its decorative elements should overlap with the decoration on the costume. Sometimes the costume of such a character is complemented with interesting gloves, decorated in a similar way.

Creativity and creative thinking will help in the painstaking work of creating a thematic costume. Thanks to this, it will turn out comfortable and beautiful. Your child will feel particularly comfortable in it if you join the process of creating a dress or collecting natural material for its design.

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