How to make a small swan from modules

The technique of origami is not only a special kind of creativity that allows you to create beautiful things, but also a kind of philosophy that helps to find peace of mind. Those who are interested in various types of this art will find it useful to learn how to make a swan out of modules, so that a voluminous figure can be obtained. The main thing is that special skills are not required for this.

The distinguishing feature of origami modules is the use of several sheets of paper, not just one. At the same time, blanks-modules are made first, and then products directly. The modules can be of different sizes, but these are always triangles of paper with pockets that are inserted one into the other. Snakes, flowers, birds can be made from such blanks - in general, any figures of any size. Only for large "works" you need a large number of modules (sometimes their number reaches thousands!).

How to make a swan from the modules: instructions

How to make a swan from the modules: instructions

The beauty of the curves of the swan-origami figurines is striking in its grace and nobility. It seems that for the manufacture of such a model you need to have a high level of skill. However, even newcomers to working with modular origami can create this craft. In order to understand how to make a swan from modules, the origami scheme should be implemented in 2 stages:

  • make modules;
  • lay the workpiece according to the instructions.

The bird can be made white, and you can fantasize and create a fabulous multi-colored swan. To do this, it is enough to take colored paper of suitable density. Commonly used standard xerox sheets.

How to make modules for a swan?

How to make modules for a swan?

First of all, you need to decide on the size of the finished figure. The number of modules depends on how large the bird you have in mind. And yet, experienced origami masters advise to begin to figure out how to make a small swan out of modules. So, we proceed to the creation of a "building material".

  1. Take a standard A4 sheet and bend it in the middle of the long side.
  2. Bend twice the resulting halves.
  3. We expand the sheet and turn to itself so that the folds are vertical.
  4. Double bend the resulting harmonica in half.
  5. Again, unfold the workpiece and cut along the fold lines. We got 32 rectangles. Now proceed to the most monotonous part of the work - you need to add rectangles in triangles.
  6. From the wide side we fold the corners inward with a triangle.
  7. Repeat the same action from the parallel side.
  8. Fold the triangles across to meet each other.
  9. Now we enter the angle of one side under one of the sides of the opposite triangle. We get a blank with a double pocket at the base of the figure.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 with other rectangles.
  11. For a small swan, from the modules we make blanks from 5 sheets of A4, repeating steps 1-10.

How to make modules for the little swan?

How to assemble modules?

How to assemble modules into a swan shape?

The next stage is the most interesting, but also the most difficult: you need to correctly connect all the elements.

  1. We put the tails of the other two in one triangle so that in one pocket from two sides fit one edge of the blanks.How to assemble modules into a swan shape?
  2. We put the next pair into the side pockets of two triangles.
  3. Adding a pair, add 30 modules, connect the last two with the first one to form a circle.
  4. Bend the figure inside out - we have a bowl.How to assemble modules into a swan figure: wrong side
  5. Now we put on the triangles in the opened pockets. After 8 rows make the wings of a bird.
  6. We put on 12 blanks, skip 2 pockets, 12 again.
  7. In the 9th row, we begin to narrow the wing into one blank until one triangle remains.
  8. The tail is laid out in a similar way, until it converges into 1 triangle.
  9. In 2 missed pockets put neck and head. To do this, 19 triangles, folded one to one with both ends, bend in the form of a hook.How to assemble modules into a swan shape: making a beak
  10. We make the last triangle of red color - this is the bird's beak.

A wonderful symbol of loyalty and love can be made from paper using the origami technique. The instruction telling how to make a swan out of modules is available even to those who have not encountered the art of folding paper figurines. It is only necessary to correctly calculate the number of modules and devote enough time to the creative process.

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