How to make a ring

Handmade jewelry not only looks attractive, but also perfectly emphasizes your individuality. You can make for yourself any accessory that diversifies the image. The ring can be made of any available materials: beads, wire, coins, pins and even plastic.

How to make a ring with your own hands?

From plastic

Plastic ring

You will need:

  1. Foil;
  2. Awl or thick needle;
  3. Multi-colored plastic;
  4. Dishwashing liquid or alcohol;
  5. Clear nail polish;
  6. Toothpicks;
  7. Beads;
  8. Fishing line;
  9. Ring blank.


  • Make different beads from multicolored plastic. You can make different shapes from round to triangular. The size of the beads should be about a pea. Blind as many beads as you need for the ring. In each, make a hole and pop the toothpicks.
  • Make a big ball out of foil. Bake the beads until hardened, remove the toothpicks. After, wash the blanks with dishwashing detergent or alcohol. Place the beads on the toothpicks again and varnish each one.
  • Using a fishing line, attach the bead to the base of the ring and fix it with beads. Secure the line and proceed to the other bead. Attach all beads to the ring blank.

From clips for rubber tube

Ring from clips for a rubber tube

You will need:

  1. Clamp for rubber tube;
  2. Two ribbons in contrasting colors;
  3. Thin gold band;
  4. Scissors;
  5. Big bead;
  6. Hot melt glue gun;
  7. Threads;
  8. Screwdriver.


  • Loosen the nut on the clamp, thereby increasing the diameter of the ring to the size of a finger + margin. Use one of the ribbons to wrap the clamp, including the nut. Secure the tape with glue and try on the ring. It should be freely removed and worn.
  • Thread the needle through the hole in the bead and sew securely to the ribbon. For strength, a little glue can be applied to the bead. Then, take the tape of another color, fold it in half in length.
  • Glue 1 end of the tape to the ring and carefully fold it into a rose shape, twisting nicely. Hide the free end and secure with glue.
  • Cut the rubber band and wrap the finished ring around it, without overtightening it. Glue the loose end and hide in the folds. The original ring is ready!

From wire

Wire ring: how to make?

You will need:

  1. Pebbles or beads;
  2. Thin wire, diameter 18 and 22;
  3. Pliers with a thin nose;
  4. Nippers and round pliers;
  5. Metal round shape.


  • Using wire cutters, cut a piece of wire of diameter 18, the length of which is equal to 3 lengths of the circumference of the finger. Wrap the wire around the circular ring base.
  • Output the ends of the wire in the center of the ring. Thread each bead on each end. Rotate each wire through the bottom of the ring and lead it in the opposite direction from each other.
  • Using the pliers, slide the wire pieces through the center of the ring and fix them. Take the 2nd piece of wire with a diameter of 22. Make from it the side helix in the form of a pattern. Turn the wire crosswise across the base of each bead, withdrawing the tips of the wire asymmetrically relative to each other.
  • Grip the tip of the wire with pliers and roll them towards the base of the ring. Spiral make tight, pressing the wire with maximum force. Repeat the same with the 2nd piece of wire. As a result, you get 2 side helix. The ring is ready!

Vintage rings

Vintage rings do it yourself

Vintage lately very fashionable. You can make a ring in this style yourself. To do this, you will need beautiful buttons of different sizes, a base ring, pliers and superglue. If you have buttons with legs, remove them with pliers. Apply a little glue to the ring and glue a button. You can also further decorate the ring with beads or beads.

Handmade jewelry is not only pleasant to wear, but also can be presented to someone as a present. You can easily create unique, exclusive and original rings from scrap materials. So you can always make a unique decoration for each of your own image!

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