How to make a pompon on a hat made of yarn or fur with your

All people are divided into two categories - those who wear hats, and those who refuse them even in the most severe frost. But even their ardent opponents cannot resist the latest trends in fashion, gladly putting on hats with fluffy buboes. We offer a few simple technologies that describe how to make a pom-pom on a hat with your own hands.

Original decor caps that are always in fashion.

How to make a pompon on a hat?

Knitting has recently become a very popular type of needlework. And hats are exactly those products that are easy to make, and the result of the work is visible almost immediately. In addition, they can be decorated in an original way - for example, with a pompon. What is needed for this? Very little!

This is surprising, but the pom-pom had a military background: its color in the tsarist army was distinguished by the type of troops and the rank. Now hats with a funny fluffy tassel are worn by men, women, and children. The last 2-3 seasons such hats do not go off the podium. Therefore, the question of how to make a pom-pom on a hat with your own hands, so that it turns out neat and beautiful, is of particular relevance. No matter how incredible it may sound, even children can create such a decorative element. No special skills are required for making bubo.

How to decorate a hat using yarn?

If you want to add a knitted cap with such an element, it is best to make a fluffy brush of the same material. How to make a pompon on a hat of yarn? There are three ways to make this decorative item from threads.

First way

To create a pompom you need only threads and your own fingers.

Pompon on fingers


  1. Between 2 fingers we clamp the long tail of the thread (about 20-25 cm).
  2. On 2-4 fingers (depending on the size of the pom-pom) we wind the thread. The more turns we make, the larger the volume will be the brush.
  3. We cut off the thread and overtighten it with a motochek, linking the beginning with a tail.
  4. We cut the threads from the opposite side from the tightening, slightly straighten the product and give it a rounded shape. The decor element for the cap is ready.

For very small pompons, use a regular fork. The procedure is the same as when winding yarn on your fingers.

Second way

Used usually for large and very lush tassels.


  • 2 CDs or 2 cardboard circles of similar shape;
  • threads;
  • scissors.


  1. We put two templates together.
  2. Winding thread on the disks. Make sure the yarn does not fall too tight.How to make a pompon
  3. Slightly push the discs and cut the thread around the circumference.
  4. Without removing the patterns, we pry the pom-pom in the middle, we tie a thread.How to make a pompon on a hat?
  5. Remove the discs and give the product a spherical shape. Decoration on the cap is ready.

If you want the pompon to be multicolored, we wind the threads of suitable shades. Tails leave long - then the product does not dissolve, and after we drag it in the center, they can be cut to the desired length. In order for the pom-pom to be striped, different colors of yarn are arranged in segments according to a pattern. But for a circular arrangement of shades, the threads are wound in layers. From the thickness of the layer will depend on the brightness of colors.

Third way

This technology of making pompons is useful if you need to make several decorative elements of the same size. Then instead of the disk we will use the leg of the table or chair.

Pompons with a chair


  1. We wind the thread around the table leg.Pompons with a chair
  2. Grab a bunch of coils, wrapped with a tail of the working thread, fasten.
  3. We scrape all the layers with scissors and cut them.Pompons with a chair
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as necessary.Pompons with a chair

How to make a fur pompon hat?

Bubons from such material look respectable and elegant. For their manufacture, you can take second-hand fur or trim.

How to make a fur pompon hat?


  • a piece of fur;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • pencil, compass;
  • blade or sharp knife;
  • thick needle thread;
  • piece of padding polyester;
  • Ribbon in fur color.


  1. Using a pencil and compass draw a circle on the cardboard, cut it out.
  2. We put the pattern on the fur from the seamy side, outlines the contours.
  3. Blade, so as not to damage the pile, cut the skin of the desired shape.
  4. Along the edge of the core we make obmetochnye stitches of medium length.
  5. Shrink the workpiece.
  6. We form a ball from a piece of a synthetic winterizer, drag it with a ribbon.
  7. Insert the ball into the fur blank, we tie it down, leaving the ribbon, sew. Pompon is ready.

We had a removable pompom, as we left the ribbon below. But if you need a sewing element, then there is no need to tie the filler with tape — just push the sintepon in through a small hole in the fur blank.

If you want to make several small fur pompons, then instead of a sintepon, use beads of different diameters. Just keep in mind that you need to wet the skin before work - then after shrinking it will become more tightly fit the filler bead.

Felt bubo

Another option for creating the original pompom is done using wet felting technique.

Felt bubo


  • strained wool;
  • liquid soap;
  • water.


  1. We make a soap solution 1: 2 (two parts of water and one part of soap).
  2. We tear off a piece of wool and roll our hands into a ball.
  3. We dip into the solution, slightly squeeze and roll again.
  4. Add pieces of wool, wet a little again, wring out and roll in the palms.
  5. Repeat the previous step to the required size of the pom-pom.
  6. We give the blank to dry, sew to the cap.

Such a pompon will look good on not too thick headgear, for example, on a hat-sock.

After reviewing the nuances of how to make a pompon on a hat, you can not only decorate these hats, but also come up with outfits in which such soft and cozy decorative elements would look original and appropriate. And choose the method of manufacture, depending on what thickness and pompom pompon you need.

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