How to make a photo collage with your own hands

DIY photo collage is a great gift idea.. Financially inexpensive, very original and cute. This photo collage can be made just for yourself. You look at it, and the mood immediately rises when you remember the warm moments in the photos.

The word "collage" is of French origin and literally means sticking. To be more precise, a collage is a technical method in art, when certain pieces of materials, different in color and texture, are pasted on any basis. In a mixed graphic collage, cut pictures, paper of different colors, various textures, and also available materials — cloth, foil, etc. — are used. Everything depends on what the creator wants to see his collage. In the technique of collage, you can also use any work with your hands - draw with a pen, pen or brush.

Back in the 20s of the twentieth century, the collage technique became very popular and reached its peak. Many artists, such as Picasso, used newspaper leaves, labels and other materials in their work to make their works more expressive and realistic.

Computer photo collage with your own hands

Now you can create a photo collage in various ways. Very popular computer photo collage. Let's see what principles should be followed when creating it.

Computer photo collage with your own hands

  • To create a computer photo collage, you need to master the technique of creating various collages - photomontages with famous people, children's photomontages, and also collages on any subject. The basis of all such photo collages is Photoshop, but you can create collages in any other program, for example, in an online photo editor online. The latter are very relevant now, as they are distinguished by their simplicity, and even a person without special skills can create a collage in them.
  • To give your photo collage credibility, the object should look beautiful on the background. To do this, it must have the same properties as those present in the background: lighting, saturation, contrast, etc. And each new object must be one of the elements of the selected background.
  • Attention should be paid to such moments as lighting, saturation, angle, sharpness, proportionality, contrast and brightness, colors and reflexes, as this will depend on the quality and appearance of your photo collage.
  • DIY programs for collages are now divided into two groups. The first involves the use of several pre-made templates, as well as masks and frames. Images are posted and corrected automatically. From the ready-made frames you can choose the appropriate frame, and the masks will help to insert the photo into a specific background, making some parts of the photos invisible. It is worth trying several times, and you will get a collage without much effort in just a few minutes. So you can create a calendar, postcard, poster, etc.
  • The second group of programs for processing photographs requires much more time and skills. However, the result will be completely different. Such programs make it possible to make a full-fledged professional collage. There may be a lot of options here, you can mount and place your own photo on the background of the sea or draw a luxurious tattoo on some part, which you really don't have.

Paper collage of photos with their own hands

Such a collage can make any person, regardless of his abilities to draw or creative skills.

Paper collage of photos with their own hands

For making such a photo collageYou will need: photo frame, which can be replaced with cardboard or heavy paper, photographs, glue, tape, matte glue-varnish for decoupage, brush for decoupage, as well as adhesive strips.

You should think about the layout of the pictures in the photo collage, for example, you can take 12 photos in width and 4 in length. Prepare the selected photos and attach them to the photo frame or cardboard with scotch tape. Cover the photos with a decoupage adhesive varnish. Wait until it is completely dry and attach the collage to the wall with adhesive tapes. That's it, your collage is ready!

Photo collage of matchboxes with their own hands

You can make a more original collage of matchboxes, which just will not go unnoticed. Its not as easy to do as a regular collage with a frame, but the result is definitely worth it.

Photo collage of matchboxes with their own hands

  • Take a matchbox, but put out the matches, not throw them away. They can be used in other handicrafts, well, or, finally, simply applied for the intended purpose. Boxes add a rectangle. It is best to expand them in size 6 to 12. In these boxes we will insert photos. You need to very accurately calculate the size, and then adjust the box under them. Where there is too much in the boxes, you need to get it and cut it.
  • In the empty places in the boxes, we will paste the necessary photos, in those places where there will be no photos, you can stick decorative paper. There are practically no limitations in the color scheme, the main thing is that the colors are combined with each other and do not cause color dissonance.
  • It is better to cover up dark edges with dark paint, since the side part will not look very nice empty. The same paint should be missed and the inner walls of the boxes. Ideally, it is better to do this before sticking to the snapshots, as you can smear them with paint. The work is almost ready, now it can be decorated with ribbons, flowers and everything that you will find at hand. The result is an unusual collage of photos in the frame of the most common matchboxes.

DIY photo collage: video

Photo collage is a wonderful way to make a surprise for your beloved.. Do not tell him anything, let the gift be a surprise to him. If he has a car, quietly leave the collage in the salon or put it on his desk. If you made a computer collage, you can send a gift to him by mail and do not forget to write warm words in addition! Also a collage of photos you can give to your parents, reflecting on it all the memorable moments of their relationship!

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