How to make a paper frog (origami) with your own hands

You can take a child in different ways. But what could be more useful than creating your own fun? Especially since origami toys are made from improvised means. And, for example, to master the technology, telling how to make a frog out of paper, can even a peanut.

To make a funny frog out of paper, no special materials are needed. It is enough to take a sheet of ordinary xerox paper with a density of 80 and bend it several times. In order for the animal to acquire a cheerful attractive face, you will need markers or colored pencils. Such origami toys can be used not only as fun for children, but also as one of the effective ways to train finger motor skills, develop logical thinking and fantasy. By the way, adults are soothed and relaxed. So do not miss the chance to have fun and to spend time with your child.

How to make a frog out of paper: step by step instructions

There are several ways to make a wrap from paper. Consider the simplest.

How to make a frog out of paper?


  • paper;
  • felt-tip pens (pencils);
  • scissors.


  1. Diagonally fold the sheet, cut off the excess.
  2. Bend the resulting square along another diagonal.
  3. Now we put together 2 any near corners, squeezing the middle.
  4. We fold one of the corners of the resulting triangle to the outside.
  5. Repeat the previous step with the opposite angle.
  6. 2 curved corners again bend towards each other in the middle.
  7. Cut the upper central corner in half to the last fold line.
  8. 2 parts of a corner we bend upwards - these are eyes of a frog.
  9. We turn over the craft and fold the triangle to the center outwards.
  10. Bend tails again, not to the center, but to the edges.
  11. All the crafts fold in half.
  12. The front of the fold once again in half to get the body of the frog.
  13. If desired, you can decorate the product with felt-tip pens or pencils. The handicraft is ready.

Making a jumping frog

How to make a frog out of paper with your own hands?

One of the most popular types of paper frogs is the jumping model.


  • A4 sheet;
  • pencil.


  1. We fold A4 sheet in half along the narrow side.
  2. The corners of the upper part fold diagonally towards each other.
  3. Now expand the folds and fold the triangle inward, squeezing the middle.
  4. Obliquely bend the upper corners - these are the front legs of the wack.
  5. The remaining rectangle fold in half.
  6. We fold the sides in half to the level of the front paws.
  7. The lower part again fold in half.
  8. We draw the corners of the bottom side of the rectangle.
  9. Pull the resulting corners down.
  10. Take the bottom corners and fold them obliquely.
  11. We fold the work in half.
  12. Fold the torso down. We press down the back with a finger - the frog jumps forward.
  13. We draw eyes - the hand-made article is ready.

Master the technique of origami

If you have skills in the work of origami, then be sure to make your kid an animal that opens its mouth. The delight of "living" toys will be incredible. A scheme explaining how to make a frog out of paper, requires only care and accuracy.

How to make a paper frog origami?

How to make an origami frog?


  • a sheet of paper (you can take green);
  • stationery knife.


  1. Fold the corners of the narrow part of the sheet together.
  2. Cut off the rectangular part that extends beyond the fold, and set it aside.
  3. Fold a square of 2 diagonals.
  4. Straighten bends and reduce all corners to the middle.
  5. We turn the workpiece.
  6. Double angles are also reduced to the center.
  7. Fold up one of the ends of the triangle - this is the muzzle of the future frog.
  8. The sides of the frog on the border of the curved tip wrap back.
  9. We lower the muzzle down, and make eyes at the right and left, bending the parts of the triangle upwards.
  10. The bottom side of the workpiece in the form of a pocket is cut with a knife.
  11. From the rectangle left from the A4 sheet, we make a narrow strip, folding it 3-4 times.
  12. We slip the strip through the slot and set the end in the pocket on the muzzle, iron the craft so that the strip is bent and fixed.
  13. Pull the strip down - the frog opens its mouth. The handicraft is ready.

Crafts for puppet theater

How to make a frog's mouth out of paper?

The origami frog model, which can become a worthy actor in a home puppet theater, is done in just a couple of minutes.


A4 sheet;


felt-tip pen


  1. A4 sheet fold in length in half.
  2. The 2 upper sides are bent in half outwards.
  3. The single side we turn back.
  4. Fold the corners with a triangle in the middle of the fold.
  5. Fold the workpiece in half horizontally.
  6. Once again, the blank is folded in half to indicate the middle of the figure.
  7. In the middle we make a small incision - about 1 cm.
  8. Bend along the notch 4 edges of the craft up to the level of the corners.
  9. We open the crafts, we make corners.
  10. On the upper part we draw eyes - the frog is ready.

Funny origami frogs can not fail to cause a smile and delight of children. If you are not familiar with origami, then mastering the technology that tells you how to make a paper frog will only take a few minutes. Finished models can be painted at will and add new elements.

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