How to make a paper crown

Every girl at least once in her life dreamed of becoming a princess. You can feel it at any age with the help of the crown. Fabulous crowns can be used to create a royal image at theme parties, photo shoots, matinees in kindergarten or school. To do this, fit everything that is at hand: cardboard, paper, beads, beads, ribbons, sequins.

To create a crown, you need to decide on the basic material from which the product will be made and its decor. Best of all, the material is dense and keeps its shape well - so the decorative accessory will look good longer. To do this, it is better to choose a thick cardboard or paper.

You can also make a crown based on the frame. To do this, form the base of the wire, teeth, join together, and then paste over the crown with a cloth or wrapping paper.

How to make a paper crown?

How to make a crown of cardboard?

In order to make a cardboard crown, you need to arm yourself with a ruler, pencil, scissors and shiny decorative elements. Glue rhinestones, glue with glitter, large beads.

On a piece of cardboard we draw a rectangle equal to the width and height of the crown plus 3 cm. We measure the height and width of the crown teeth. At the bottom of the rectangle, lay 1, 5 cm on the sides - it will be allowances for which you will glue the crown. Cut out the crown teeth. We strengthen the outer side with decorative wrapping paper or film. We decorate the crown by sewing beads, sticking rhinestones or painting patterns with sparkles.

We lubricate the side allowances with glue and join the crown into a ring.

How to make a paper crown?

How to make a paper crown with your own hands? The paper allows you to create a lot of interesting crafts - garlands, hats, jewelry. The crown of paper is made on the same principles as cardboard. It is worth remembering that the paper is less dense. This accessory will not last long. You can use thick paper for watercolor - it keeps its shape well.

Crown for the Snow Maiden: master class

The crown for the Snow Maiden is traditionally made of a certain shape. In finished form, it very much resembles a Russian kokoshnik. It can be made of thick cardboard, decorated with Christmas tinsel and painted with shiny paint.

How to make a crown for the Snow Maiden: you need a large sheet of cardboard, glue, measuring tape, Christmas lights or tinsel, a wide satin ribbon, cloth, beads, beads and a thread with a needle.

How to make a paper crown?

  • On a piece of cardboard we draw by hand the preparation of kokoshnik. The lower part should be equal to half the volume of the head.
  • The crown for the Snow Maiden will not sit completely on her head, but will rise above the face, fasten with the help of satin ribbons. Cut a piece of cardboard. From 2 sides we make an incision for pulling tapes. We take any fabric (the cheapest option is a fabric for the lining), apply a crown pattern to it and make a pattern, noting the allowances - 5 cm on all sides. Cardboard blank smear glue and glue cloth to it. The fabric allowances are also coated with glue and turned away on the wrong side. The tape is cut into 2 parts of the desired length, stretched through the side sections. In order to make the crown look beautiful, you can make a loop from the ribbon and sew it on the wrong side.
  • Decorate the crown with beads. They can be sewn with a needle and thread. Also the fabric can be painted with silver acrylic paint. On the edges of the crown for the Snow Maiden decorate Christmas garland.
  • Also this accessory can be made according to another principle - draw an oval cut on the blank, which imitates the lines of the head. Snow Maiden's crown can also be used as a snowflake crown.
  • In order for the headdress to sit tight on the head, it can be made a few millimeters more than the head circumference. If it is small, then you can hold it with the help of invisible women who are pinned to the crown and hair.

Small children can make a crown with satin ribbons and rubber bands that will clasp the head tightly and hold the accessory.

A crown with your own hands can be an excellent holiday accessory. It is easy to make it out of any dense material holding a form - cardboard, paper. Also the wire crowns decorated with large beads look beautiful. As a decor you can use beads, rhinestones, sequins. In order for the crown to sit well on the head, you need to take the measurements correctly.

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