How to make a paper crown for a girl with your own hands

Among the most popular costume hats the palm is held by the crown. Of course, you can not bother and buy plastic decoration, but we will tell you about several options for how to make a crown out of paper. By the way, it can be used as an element of decorating a room.

How to make a paper crown?

Children's matinees are unthinkable without original costumes. And rarely what outfit does without a decent headdress. Snowflakes, princesses, butterflies, of course, wear a crown. And the princes, wizards, too, are not averse to trying on a regal headdress. Therefore, paper crowns can be made not only in the form of various models, but also using different techniques:

  • quilling;
  • modular origami;
  • applications, etc.

Paper crowns can also be used to decorate a child’s room. Little princesses treat the wall appliqué with the name in their room very favorably.

How to make a paper crown for a princess?

Often in children's institutions at matinees girls try on a princess dress. And here we can not do without a crown!

How to make a paper crown for a princess?


  • cardboard roll from a large package of paper towels;
  • foil;
  • paper scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • decoration elements (stickers, beads, lace, etc.)


  1. Cut off the cylinder cylinder of the required length.
  2. We make cloves on one side.
  3. We apply the base plastered with glue to the foil, cut off the excess.
  4. Cut the foil between the teeth and we wind each of them.
  5. We give the craftwork to dry well and fasten the decor elements.

Paper crown for snowflakes

It looks very unusual crown, made in the style of quilling.

Snowflake Paper Crown


  • Xerox paper (3 shades);
  • knife (clerical);
  • PVA glue; thin stick or wooden toothpick.


  1. Cut sheets into stripes 0.5 mm wide.
  2. With the help of a toothpick we wind 48 circles. Half of them flatten rhombi (alternate shades to your taste).
  3. Glue the billet round shape.
  4. In the spaces between the round elements we paste diamonds.
  5. Pasting the third row with round elements, pasting them between the rhombuses.
  6. Making a snowflake-tiara. Glue 6 ovals.
  7. In the spaces between them we put another 6 ovals of a different color.
  8. The third row make diamonds. And we use 7 blanks so that 1 oval of the previous row is plastered with diamonds from 2 sides.
  9. Glue the double diamond in the crown base.
  10. From the seamy side we glue the construction with the glue, let it dry.
  11. Spray the wrong side and the front of the crown with hairspray.

Crown for king

The crown for the king is more restrained in terms of decor, so you can make it in just a few minutes.

How to make a paper crown for the king?


  • 10 paper squares 8x8 cm;
  • PVA glue.


  1. Fold the paper blanks diagonally.
  2. The resulting triangles fold in half.
  3. We open the blank, we glue the right half with glue, we insert a triangle, we press.
  4. We decompose the enclosed triangle and we also coat it with glue, put the next one.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 7 times.
  6. To give the crown a round shape, open the first blank and glue it with the last. Folds of triangles should look out.

Master the technique of origami: the crown of modules

For those who are not familiar with the origami technique, a model of modules is suitable.

How to make a paper crown with your own hands?


  • 6 pcs of 1/4 size modules;
  • 10 pcs of 1/32 size modules.


Making module 1/4

  1. Sheet A4 is cut into 4 equal parts.
  2. Fold along the long side in half.
  3. The resulting billet again bend in half.
  4. We reduce the left and right sides to the center in the form of a triangle.
  5. From the seamy side we bend the excess and hide the tails protruding forward inward.
  6. The resulting blank triangle fold in half.

Making module 1/32

  1. Sheet A4 is cut into 32 equal parts.
  2. Repeat the previous instruction, starting with the second step.

Making a crown:

  1. We coat the bottom edge of the large module and glue the next one to it.
  2. We connect all modules of size 1/4.
  3. We make decorations from small modules. Slightly bend the bottom corners out and, having missed them with glue, we put them in the cuts on large modules.
  4. Give the craft to dry. The crown is ready.

Tsar's crown for the girl in the room

A royal crown with the name of the little mistress will become a cute element in the decor of the girl’s room.

How to make a paper crown for the girl in the room?


  • crown pattern;
  • cardboard;
  • multi-colored paper (preferably xerox);
  • PVA glue;
  • stationery scissors;
  • double sided tape;
  • decorations (lace, fabric flowers, etc.)


  1. Print out the pattern of the crown.
  2. Outline it on cardboard, carefully cut out.
  3. Outline the template on colored paper, also cut out.
  4. We decorate the front part with applications and carved letters with the girl's name.
  5. We secure the tape to the back, peel off the protective layer and hang the crown in the room. The symbol of royal grandeur is ready.

Paper crown: photo

How to make a paper crown?

How to make a paper crown?

Variants that describe how to make a crown out of paper are not only an excellent way out of a situation where you need to quickly make a costume for a child. It is also a great opportunity to work together with children. It does not need expensive materials - it will take only a little patience and a lot of imagination. And then your child will have the most beautiful carnival outfit!

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