How to make a palm tree from plastic bottles with their own

How can you "settle" on your site evergreen guest from overseas countries - the beautiful palm tree? Despite the harsh climate, to solve such a problem is quite easy: you will need plastic bottles, a little patience and a lot of imagination. And then, even in winter, exotic things of the tropics will flaunt on your site! A master class on making palm trees from plastic bottles will tell you how to do this.

Palm tree from plastic bottles

Why use plastic bottles?

This material is resistant to the whims of nature, availability and ease of processing. Since in our country the process of bottle recycling is not yet established, you can easily collect the necessary amount of raw materials by asking for help from your friends or by spending a clean-up day in the pantry in the attic of your house.

Another undoubted advantage of plastic bottles is the minimum weight. Even the largest palm tree of this material will weigh only a few kilograms. So you can easily carry out independent redevelopment of the site.

What bottles and other materials are needed to create a palm tree?

So, what should a palm tree be made of plastic bottles? Master class helps you to get an answer to this question.

To begin, prepare about 10-15 brown plastic bottles of 1.5-2 liters. This will be the material to create the trunk. To make a lush crown, choose tall green bottles. The more they are, the more beautiful and more realistic the crown of the tree you have created will be. The same rule applies to the number of green bottles. To create lush branches, almost indistinguishable from a real palm, you need to pick up a few dozen of such components.

palm materials

Carefully clean the prepared material from the stickers and dirt with hot water and dish detergent. Discard crumpled and broken bottles. Only if this condition is fulfilled, a hand made vampalma of plastic bottles with its own hands will delight the eye with the beauty of the trunk and the pomp of green branches.

palm materials

In addition, you will need the following materials:

  • construction knife or sharp scissors with long blades;
  • base - reinforcement rod or wooden stake of suitable height and diameter;
  • drill with a thin drill or sharp awl;
  • wire for connecting elements.

The process of creating palm trees from plastic bottles

The trunk of the palm tree is uneven, covered with leaf stalks and special brown fiber. To imitate such a surface, cut the lower parts of bottles with a height of 10-15 cm in the form of a crown. Then it is necessary to bend slightly the received teeth out.

palm trees from plastic bottlespalm trees from plastic bottles

If you do not want to spend time creating holes for stringing parts of the barrel to each other, simply cut off the bottom and top, and use the middle as fragments of the trunk. If you choose this option, you will have at least an attractive and realistic palm tree.

How to make a palm tree from plastic bottles, if we are talking about the crown? With the material prepared for this purpose, cut off the bottom and neck. Do not forget that the first link of the palm "paw" will play the role of fasteners, and therefore it is necessary to leave a neck on it. The lid is also not worth screwing.

Cut each bottle of green in 3 parts - from the bottom to the neck, not reaching the end of 1.5-2 cm. The edges of the resulting billet should be cut in the form of a petal. Then cut each of the 3 parts diagonally into thin strips. At the same time, the “petals” should be cut from 2 sides, not reaching the middle by 1-2 cm. The neater you do this part of the work, the more beautiful the palm from plastic bottles will be. Step-by-step instructions with photo help you to continue the "cultivation" of the tree.

Quickly spending the edge of the resulting blank near the flame of a candle, you give it the desired shape. Plastic fringe will finish and gain volume. String these bottles on a wire to get a truly lush palm branch.

If you wish, you can not cut the green bottles like a fringe, but simply divide them into 3 parts, shape the edges of the resulting petals and fix on your palm in this form. This option is very easy to manufacture. Nevertheless, it looks quite original, especially in combination with the barrel of bulk plastic bottles.

Preparation of an evergreen palm from plastic bottles is ready, and the master class offers to proceed to the next stage.

After completing the above preparatory work, you can proceed to the final assembly. This process is quite simple.

  1. Secure in the garden or in the playground, in the recreation area iron or wooden rod, deepening it into the ground. For greater reliability, you can dig a small hole and fill the base of an exotic tree with cement mortar. It all depends on the size of your palm.
  2. Slide on him even or "corona-shaped" blanks of brown color.
  3. Drill or pierce the cap of the base of each palm branch with a red-hot awl.
  4. Pass the wire through the hole, connect the individual parts of the crown with it.
  5. Secure the resulting structure to the top of the barrel.

Wonderful palm of plastic bottles, made according to this simple instruction, will help everyone to make their personal plot truly original. For example, you can place on it several trees of different heights, adding to them not less original crafts from other materials, for example, swans from car tires. On this clearing there is surely a place for bees and gilts made from plastic bottles.

monkey on a palm tree

palm trees from plastic bottles with their own hands

palm trees in the yard

palm trees on the playground

bottle palm

plastic bottle cacti

Do not neglect such a light, affordable and easy-to-use material like plastic bottles. Using them to create a tropical corner in your area, you get the opportunity to realize your creative potential. In addition, thanks to you, plastic bottles will cease to be garbage that pollutes nature, turning into its man-made decoration.

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