How to make a jumping frog out of paper

The development of origami art was originally meant as a thing that had a magical meaning. These paper-made figurines that were considered magical in Japanese culture earned the love of people all over the world. Below we look at how to make a jumping frog out of paper using origami technique.

Origami paper (according to Chinese chronicles) was invented in China, a clerk in the court of the emperor of the Han dynasty, about 105 years BC. e. Traditionally, all origami figures are made from a single sheet. Paper designed for this job should be easily bent, have proper weight and strength.

Japanese paper "Vasya"

Japanese paper

Japanese handmade paper made from vegetable fibers. Traditionally used in the art of origami. Sheets of square shape, on the one hand painted in different colors, have a tremendous wealth of detail and texture. Until recently, this paper was rare. Currently, it can be purchased at any origami store.

Step by step description of making an origami frog

This jumping frog, made of paper, not only pleases the eye, but you can play with it actively. The scheme of the product is quite simple, it shows the main turns in the manufacture.

Making a frog is not as difficult as it may seem. It is necessary to have a square sheet of paper, and the bigger it is, the more amphibian will come out.

How to make a frog out of paper so that it jumps?

How to make a frog out of paper so that it jumps?

  1. You will need a piece of paper with sides about 10 cm. If the sheet is not square, fold it diagonally, cut off the excess. Paper can be specialized for making origami or regular writing. Prepare markers, pencils, crayons, special decorations. Fold a square sheet of paper in half diagonally and again diagonally, only in the opposite direction. If the paper is colored, lay the colored side face down. Note: both ends must be clearly in contact with each other, then the frog will be smoother.
  2. The result was a triangle.
  3. Bend the resulting triangle again, bending its sides down, in the vertical direction, to the center line of the triangle.
  4. We turn on the opposite side, bend the 2 sides of the triangle in a vertical direction, towards the center line, not forgetting that the bent parts should converge at the edges.
  5. Now bend the upper sides to the top line. It will be frog legs.
  6. Hide the lower protruding parts of the paper in the formed pocket, bending them inside the pocket.
  7. Bend the parts tucked into the pocket about 1 cm up, and then bend again, only 0.5 cm back, according to the accordion principle.
  8. That's ready for the origami frog. This amphibian is able to jump, for this click on it in the middle.

Your kids will love this fun origami paper jumping frog, and they will gladly make it. In addition, this is a good exercise for the development of motor skills in children, insight, accuracy, spatial imagination, creativity, and time spent together, which will be very fun.

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