How to make a jumping frog out of paper on your fingers

Who in the childhood was not amused with paper wafts made of ordinary notebook sheets? If you want to please your child and see a joyful smile on his face, then a master class describing how to make a jumping frog out of paper is what you need! Moreover, the manufacture of this craft will take just a couple of minutes.

The art of origami allows you to create unusual crafts toys. Children love to play with jumping frogs, for the manufacture of which will need only a piece of paper. And it can be a notebook or a sheet torn from a notebook. The size of the craft will depend on the paper size. However, keep in mind that more “jumpy” models are medium-sized, made from A4 paper. To make the animal even more attractive, you can use colored paper or decorate the finished crafts to your taste.

How to make paper jumping frog: scheme

The origami instructions have several options for making paper frogs. The jumping model is in 2 versions. Consider the first.

How to make paper jumping frog: scheme


  1. Fold the A4 sheet along in half.
  2. We fold the top corner in half so that the angle in 90 degrees has turned out. Extend the fold.
  3. Repeat the previous step with the second corner.
  4. Fold the workpiece inside the corners so that an isosceles triangle is formed in the center.
  5. We fold the upper side corners upwards - these are frog legs.
  6. The lower part of the workpiece bend in half.
  7. We reduce the sidewall in the center.
  8. Again fold in half.
  9. We pull the bottom corners, directing them down.
  10. Bend the corners obliquely - this is the frog's hind legs.
  11. We fold the lower part in half and turn down. We turn over the work - the frog is ready. To jump, you need to press down her back with a finger.

For the second version of the frog, except for paper, you need a marker to draw the eyes.


  1. A4 sheet fold a right triangle. The remaining piece of paper is cut off.
  2. Smoothes the sheet and folds along the second diagonal.
  3. Now we make the fold so that we get a double isosceles triangle.
  4. Bend the corners of the base of the upper part to the center.
  5. The resulting triangles are again bent in half.
  6. Bend the corners of the lower triangle outwards to the base of the second figure - these are the eyes of a frog.
  7. We turn the workpiece and bring the sides of the triangle in the middle.
  8. The inner sides are bent in half outwards.
  9. We turn over the work with the “face” and make a double bend in the torso area.
  10. Coloring eyes. The handicraft is ready. To check the "jumping" you need to click on the back of the torso.

With such models, you can arrange the whole competition - which frog will jump higher and further.

Paper frog on the fingers: master the technique of origami

Another popular model of origami frog is the talking frog, which is worn on the fingers.

How to make a paper frog on your fingers?


  1. A4 sheet fold in half lengthwise, smooth the fold.
  2. Again bend in half, but across.
  3. Folded sheet fold again in half vertically.
  4. Bend the upper corners towards the center towards each other.
  5. Bottom rectangle remaining after folding the triangles, bend upwards on both sides.
  6. Bend the corners out.
  7. Expand the workpiece and fold the diamond.
  8. Bend the bottom corners up from 2 sides.
  9. Flatten the triangle and bend in the center.
  10. Fold the resulting diamond in half, draw eyes at the top.
  11. We slip our fingers into the upper and lower pockets - the frog is ready for the fingers.

Knowing how to make a jumping frog out of paper in several ways, you have the opportunity in any situation, in the most cramped conditions, to entertain a child. The main thing is that no special tools are needed for this - only paper, dexterous fingers and a little bit of time to master simple schemes.

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