How to make a housekeeper with his own hands

How sometimes it is annoying if you lose an important thing, such as keys to a car or an apartment. And this is not only annoying, but also dangerous, because attackers can take advantage of your mistake. As a result, it is necessary to change not only the keys themselves, but also the entire system, and this is very expensive. How to protect yourself from such an unpleasant phenomenon as the loss of keys? The simplest thing is to always keep them in a safe and specially designated place - key house.

Wherein housekeeper is best placed in a higher place, especially if you have small children or pets who can indulge in and disrupt the keys.

How to make a housekeeper with his own hands?

For the production of key holders you will need: a wooden base for the key holder, a brush, acrylic paints, glue for any materials, pieces of lace, matte acrylic lacquer, sandpaper, patina, decorative carnations, wooden figures of birds, lace.

Wall key holder with your own hands

  1. First need prepare a wooden base for the house. Take fine sandpaper and clean the surface, removing all burrs and irregularities. After that, cover the tree with acrylic paint of blue or another light shade. Paint should be applied as densely as possible; if necessary, paint can be applied in 2 layers, drying at least two hours each. After the blue paint dries, the entire preform is covered with a milky yellow paint in 1-2 layers and dried thoroughly.
  2. Now, with a piece of tough sandpaper, wipe the yellow color carefully and slowly, so that blue streaks are visible on it, trying not to remove the blue paint. Wipe the paint along the wood fibers and in one direction from top to bottom, so the scuff will look the most natural.
  3. Then applied patina. To do this, you can use a brush or a piece of sponge. Patina in a small amount should be applied to the edge of the workpiece and to areas that need to give a different shade. If you have never worked before, then it is better to practice on extra pieces of wood in advance, this is not very difficult, it just requires a certain skill. Wait for the patina to dry properly. After that, remove the excess by wiping the surface with an emery paper or a sponge with a metallic coating. Then the basis for the housekeeper is covered with a matte acrylic varnish in one, you can two layers. Each layer should be dried for at least 2 hours.
  4. Now take care of keynote decoration, because it will be not just a functional, but a beautiful and stylish thing. You can take ready-made wooden birds or cut them yourself out of thick cardboard, which is usually used for binding. The sides of the figures are covered with acrylic paint of brown color, and the most important front side - with pale blue paint.

Making a housekeeper with your own hands

  • Take the pieces of lace and cut the wings out of them, after which they will need to be pasted on the figurines using transparent universal glue. Paint the eye and beak with a brown felt-tip pen or acrylic paint, which you apply to a thin brush. Also, the eye can be made by gluing a small black bead.
  • Now to be to decorate the wooden base of the housekeeper. From the inside to the roof, glue the lace, which should be matched in color to the overall color scheme. Look at what places are best to attach the birds and in these places drive decorative carnations. Then wrap each nail with a cord of natural color, and tie a neat knot under the bonnet.

How to make a housekeeper with his own hands?How to make a housekeeper with his own hands?

  • Birds need to stick over the carnations, departing from the top about 15 mm. Felt pen draw feet.
  • Carrying out such a housekeeper with your own hands, you should not be afraid to try different combinations of colors, the main thing is that it looks harmonious and blends with the interior of your house.

Wall key holder with your own hands - the second way

The key board can be done in a slightly different way, but here everything also depends on your imagination and creativity.

You will need: a frame, the design of which should be selected in combination with the general appearance of the room, a piece of fabric, paint, various hooks, screws, fastening to walls, plywood or cardboard, various elements for decoration.

  • Prepare yourself a workplace and, in order not to dirty the surface, cover it with a piece of cloth or an unnecessary newspaper. Put a number of all the necessary materials to make a housekeeper with your own hands. On a plywood or cardboard base stretch a piece of fabric that can be taken both monophonic and colored, but much smaller in size than the frame. Using a glue or furniture stapler, fasten the edges to the fabric. Fasten the resulting base with a frame, connecting them with small studs. In principle, you can replace the fabric with a decoupage napkin, which should be glued to the plywood, sticking a family photo or covering with yacht varnish.
  • Alternatively you can use toKeyboard Background a reproduction of a picture or draw pictures of houses; under each of them sign the words that will indicate the purpose of the key.

How to make a housekeeper with his own hands?

  • Now take the screws and secure the key hooks under the bottom of the frame, ideally they should be different in size, texture and color. On the back of the frame make a neat mount so that the housekeeper can be hung on the wall. And, of course, check the reliability of fastening, and then your key house runs the risk of accidentally falling. Then, over each crochet, it is necessary to sign its value, for example - mom, dad, daughter, son, grandmother, etc. or for example, garage, house, car.
  • Decorate the frame with the pattern with rhinestones, beads, sequins and children's toys; you can even use candied fruits and vegetables. Also frame can give the effect of antiquity, for this, take craquelure varnish, eyeshadow or instant coffee by mixing it all with glue.

Hang the housekeeper on the wall and, having collected all the keys in the house, hang each one in its place. Now you will not lose any important key!

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