How to make a horse with your own hands

In the year of the horse the best gift will be his symbol. Both an adult and a child will be pleased to get a funny textile horse or some other souvenir related to this topic.

Textile horse do it yourself: master class

Step by step instructions tailoring horses on the site

In order to make a textile horse, you will need:

  1. white coarse calico
  2. synthetic winterizer
  3. acrylic fabric paints (white, black and brown, blue and purple),
  4. contour for fabric (black and white),
  5. coffee,
  6. cocoa,
  7. cinnamon,
  8. scissors,
  9. needles
  10. threads (white, black and brown),
  11. pins,
  12. fabric glue
  13. pastel,
  14. tassels,
  15. 4 buttons (2 cm in diameter),
  16. patches of colored cotton,
  17. yarn for mane and tail.

Print the pattern on white A4 paper, cut, glue. Take a piece of coarse calico and a marker in order to transfer the pattern to the fabric.

textile horse do it yourself: master class

Transfer the pattern: in one detail - the torso, muzzle and head, two details - ears, four details - legs. Note! Between the parts, leave space for seam allowances of 5 mm for each (the distance between the parts is 1 cm). Cut out the details. Take tailor pins. With their help, pin each of them to the canvas close to each other.

textile horse do it yourself: master class

Cut out all twin parts. Build them on a typewriter. For the following details, leave the non-affixed hole for the stuffing: for the body - in the upper part of the neck, for the ears - in the lower part, for the legs - at the side. Stitch a muzzle and a head completely, without leaving any openings. Turn out the legs and ears. Before twisting the torso, muzzle and head, make cuts along the edges of the part in concave places.

To stuff the face and head, cut a hole on one side of the part. At the head hole - at the top, at the muzzle - in the center. Take sintepon. Tamp every detail very tightly. Secure the holes in the neck of the face and the head with a thread and a needle. On the legs, fix the holes with a secret seam.

textile horse do it yourself: master class

To make the claw look neat, bend the corners in the lower part of the leg inward and secure with a needle and thread.

All items are ready. They should be painted with a mixture of cinnamon, coffee and cocoa to give an aged look and a pleasant aroma. Proportions: 1 tsp coffee, 1 tsp cocoa, ½ tsp cinnamon and 100 ml of water.

Paint each part from 2 sides in a lighter color, and the muzzle - thicker, to give a darker look. Take a brush with a soft bristle. After dyeing, lay out the details on the cotton and leave to dry.

textile horse do it yourself: master class

While the parts dry, proceed to the manufacture of the mane and tail. You need a notebook or a box with a size of 13.5x20x2.5 cm, yarn. Wind the thread on the notebook along the short side (40 turns). Drag the threads in the center on both sides of the notebook and cut them. Get 2 bundles for the mane. The number of beams depends on the thickness of the thread. They will need 15 pcs.

Similarly, make the tail, but you need to wind the thread along the long side of the notebook. Drag the threads from one side of the notebook, and from the other - they should be cut. Fold the bundle in half, drag it to a thread below the fold.

When the parts are dry, they need to be brushed. The best is the old tooth.

Need artistic pastel. Brown chalk outline the perimeter of the face. Draw circles - these are nostrils. Outline the perimeter of the head, legs and torso along the seams.

Rub the pastel into the details with your finger. If at the same time the places described became pale, repeat their outline. They will get a volumetric look.

textile horse do it yourself: master class

Looking for acrylic paint. Brown portray hoof. Draw a white line along the edge of each hoof. White line on the fabric, draw a line - imitation of stitches.

The legs for the horse are ready.

In white pastel crayon depict white spots on the body and head.

They need to rub into the fabric. To make the spots brighter, make it a white acrylic paint.

The most expressive part of the toy is the eyes. They are painted with acrylic paints. Suit and glossy paint, and matte. Draw the pupils, the iris blue or green. White paint make whites of the eyes. Violet paint draw eyelids, white - eyebrows. Black contour of the fabric - cilia. Eyes ready.

textile horse do it yourself: master classtextile horse do it yourself: master class

Proceed to the face. With a brown thread, make a “forward needle” seam around the perimeter of the muzzle, departing from the edges about 5 mm. Black thread make the nostrils in the form of crosses. Prepare the ears. Brown chalk shade the inside of the ears.

Do not forget to rub pastel. Hem the ears on the bottom edge, folding them in half. Ears are ready.

You can proceed to assembly. Details are stitched and glued together. Glue the muzzle to the head, ears to it, and the head to the neck. Attach the mane. Make a fringe by gluing a strand to the head in front of the ears. Glue the rest of the locks on the back of your neck tightly.

Need a needle with a big eye, you should put the same thread into it, from which a mane was made. Use a “tambour” stitch to fasten each strand of the mane, but not very tightly, to close the spaces between the straps.

Got a lush mane.

textile horse do it yourself: master classtextile horse do it yourself: master class

Attach the tail. Lubricate the base of the tail with glue, in several turns, wind the same thread on it, from which the tail was made. Secure the end of the thread with glue. Remove the thread.

Got a wonderful tail.

Make a patch. Cut the coarse calico into small patches and disassemble the edges.

Randomly glue the patches on the legs and torso. Draw black stitches on them.

You can decorate the horse with accessories in the form of hats, skirts, etc.

How to sew a horse: video

A handmade horse will become the best gift not only for a child, but also for an adult in the coming year. Our detailed master class will help you make the original thing yourself.

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