How to make a heart out of paper

How often do you want to do something nice to your loved one, sister or mother. You can find many different gifts in stores. But none of them will be able to replace a souvenir made with your own hands. The heart is a symbol of love, kindness and care. When presenting a person with a thing of this form, even if it’s a plain paper trinket, you sort of give away a part of your soul, talk about your disposition to a person, that you always want to be near him.

Volumetric heart made of paper with his own hands

To make it, you will need to arm yourself with thick magazine paper. Generally it is better if it is scrapbooking paper. Also several (about ten) pages from any magazine, cardboard, thread, needle, glue, scissors, ruler, pencil, sewing machine. If all this is available, you can proceed directly to the work itself.

Imagine how big your heart should be and cut a pattern out of a piece of cardboard. Cut out six hearts from scrapbooking and magazine pages. The heart of thick paper and the heart of the pages tediously connect the seamy side inside. That is, the wrong side of each heart will be facing each other. So you need to do with all six pairs. Put these hearts on one another.

Make sure the edges are evenly aligned. If not, align them. Strictly in the center with a pencil and ruler draw a flat line. This line will be the place for our seam. Next you have to flash all the hearts together with a sewing machine. The seam should run strictly along the lines drawn. After making the seam, fasten and cut the thread.

Then, the layers of the heart, located on opposite sides of the seam, must be moved apart from each other by the same distance. Glue together the leaves of hearts from the pages with sheets of paper for scrapbooking. The heart is ready. From such a beautiful heart, you can make a decoration-pendant for the room. To do this, just need to thread a needle through the seam, stepping back from the top half a centimeter. Then simply tie together the two ends of the thread.

How to make a wicker heart out of paper?

In order to make this cute heart, which can be a decoration, for example, postcards, you will need beautiful paper. It is better if it will be two different colors. The paper should not be too thick, otherwise it will be difficult to bind it. From paper you need to cut two identical parts. First, rectangles with sides of fourteen and nine centimeters. Then you need to round one of the smaller sides of the rectangle. Thus, the second part is done.

Then both parts need to be cut into strips equal to the centimeter width. However, it is not necessary to cut it completely, but so that approximately one third of the part remains intact. That is, our rounded side must remain intact. Then we begin to bind the details together. We take one blank as a base and begin to weave it with strips of the second blank.

The result is heart with a pattern in the form of rhombuses in the center. To heart did not crumble, you need to stick it on paper. If your heart is bright or dark tones, then the paper should be chosen light and vice versa. Then, the heart needs to be cut. Make it so that along the contour there remains a small rim of paper on which we stuck our heart. This will give the product completeness. All heart is ready. To make it look even more original, decorate it, for example with a bow of ribbons.

A heart made of paper will not require much effort, time and material costs from you. But it can please the person to whom you present it, or decorate the interior of your house, bring into it a bit of love and tenderness.

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