How to make a denim vest do it yourself

A denim vest is a wardrobe detail that makes it easy to create an unusual and stylish look. It is great for walking in combination with a t-shirt or dress. For the office, you can combine a waistcoat with a snow-white blouse. In addition, this season is very relevant "double denim" - when the bottom and top of the ensemble are made of denim. Consequently, the vest can make a pair of jeans.

Pattern denim vests

The pattern of denim vest can be easily built from the pattern of the dress.

Pattern denim vests

  1. From the 7th cervical vertebra, set the required length down. Draw a relief back.
  2. Increase the neck by 2 cm along the shoulder line, cutting off the ledge and back, and to the floor cm along the line of the middle back. Draw a line of the neck.
  3. Recess back and shelves deepen by 1.5 centimeters. From the top of the neck you need to postpone the length of the shoulder cut - 7 cm.
  4. In parallel to the middle of the shelf at a distance of 2 cm, draw a line to the edge of the rim. Draw a bevel of the rim and the bottom line of the shelf.
  5. From the top of the neck, set aside 5 cm and draw a cut line. This must be done in order to transfer the dart to the bulge of the chest.

Pattern is ready. Now you have to sew an elegant feminine vest.

It can be combined with a tulip-skirt or classic style trousers. Also it will look good with flared jeans or free-fit pants, with banana pants. Midi, maxi or mini length dresses and skirts are also great.

No less successful ensemble - denim skirt and short shorts (denim, leather) or bermuda.

How to make a vest from a denim jacket?

To turn an old denim jacket into a vest is very practical, especially if the elbows of the product are very worn.

  • Disassemble the sleeve seams. The most convenient way to do this is with a pointed razor blade or small nail scissors. Do not forget to remove the collar. It is possible to process the cutout and armhole line with faux fur stripes of a suitable color. You can apply and decorative braid.
  • It is easy to make and a short sleeveless jacket in the Spanish style. Determine to start the desired length of the future product and cut the bottom. Tie down the bottom edge on the "face" of the jacket and work on a 4-5 cm wide hem. Divide the folded edge into segments (they should be equal) and make holes for eyelets on their borders. Install them with a special piercer or tongs, which are sold in the shops of sewing accessories. You can put the grommets in the studio. Drag a bright string of colorful thin material into the holes. You can even use a scarf.

Denim vest: how to sew?Denim vest

  • The resulting vest can be decorated with a stylish print. Take bleach. If you want to make your product spotty, spray it with whiteness from a spray bottle. If you tie the fabric in several places and wash it with bleach, you will get interesting divorces. There is another option - draw any drawing with a brush.

Denim vest from old jeans

  • Take the backs, from which the excess has been cut off (with a new seam line) and stitch away - this is the middle seam of the back of the vest (we will make the seam, like on jeans, using part of the saved allowances of the top). Do not forget to stitch back the bottom of the strap and belt section.
  • Fold the structure so that the back end is facing you and the belt is at the bottom (i.e. turn your pants upside down). Draw lines for the neck and shoulders, as in fig. Cut out taking into account allowances. Shoulders immediately cut out from the front and back (at the same time cut both layers of the leg).
  • Now make the front neckline. Draw a straight line from the top of the shoulder to the clasp, as shown in fig.
  • On the sides, sew up the seams for armholes - 30.5 cm (in the figure - 12 inches). The parts near the belt will remain unaffected - the side seams of the vest.
  • The cuts of the neckline, the neckline and the armhole are slightly rounded - smooth transition lines should turn out, as in the very first figure. finished vest.
  • Tighten all open cuts (armhole, neck, front cut-out) and do the processing just like jeans - with double stitching. Sew the shoulders. All is ready!

Materials used:

With a denim vest, you will always be fashionable and charming, bright and sweet! Try to create this designer masterpiece yourself. It is not difficult. Moreover, in your wardrobe there will be a new, always relevant thing.

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