How to make a chewing gum

Gum for handsor in another way - Handgum - the result of the experiments of James Ryton (a scientist from Scotland). The chewing gum was made during the development of a synthetic rubber substitute. The substance from which the chewing gum was made was made on the basis of the silicone polymer back in 1943.

What is a chewing gum?

Psychologists say that such a chewing gum is able to relieve stress in a matter of minutes.

What is a chewing gum?

Gum for hands- Great toy for kids, which develops hand motor skills. The substance from which chewing gum is made is absolutely safe and non-toxic, does not leave marks on the floor and clothing. Just do not let the children take the chewing gum in your mouth.

A chewing gum changes its physical characteristics depending on body temperature and circulation.. If you leave the gum on the table, it can spread, if you start to knead the gum in your hands - it will resemble clay. If you sharply knead the gum, it becomes tough and durable.

Most people buy gum for hands in the store, but you can do it yourself. The process of cooking gum at home does not take much time, besides, you can save money.

There is enough Many ways to make chewing gum for hands. All methods are different from each other, and in some cases, the description of the preparation of chewing gum for hands may seem inaccurate. It is important to know that in order to prepare the chewing gum for the hands it is necessary to keep the proportions; otherwise, the chewing gum will turn out too sticky or, on the contrary, will begin to crumble.

How to make a chewing gum?

Take into account that properly prepared chewing gum should not leave marks and strongly stick to hands, therefore, it is important to follow the technology.

How to make a chewing gum for your hands?

One of the most common and proven methods for making chewing gum for hands is the use of PVA and borax.

  • Take some container in which it will be possible to prepare a solution for chewing gum. A glass jar or a plastic dish is ideal for this purpose. Buy PVA glue, borax and a wooden stick. You can buy borax at the pharmacy, in special chemical stores or in the chemistry office. When you find all the necessary components, you can start making chewing gum for your hands.
  • Take a small pinch of borax and dissolve it in a separate container. Pour PVA into the prepared container (the amount of glue depends on the desired size of the gum for hands). The more glue you pour, the more chewing gum will come out. After the glue is poured, pour the dissolved borax to the glue.
  • If the adhesive volume is larger, then the borax needs to be dissolved more. If the borax is not enough, the chewing gum for hands will turn out to be too liquid, sticky and will begin to get very dirty.
  • Mix the prepared gum mixture with a stick. A lump should form on the stick. When you have a single lump, you can pull out the gum from the container and put it on a paper napkin so that excess liquid is absorbed from the gum.

How to make a chewing gum?

  • Gum will turn white. If you want to give it some color, you need to take care of this in advance and do it before you mix borax and glue. To give the chewing gum color, Add brilliant green, potassium permanganate or food coloring.
  • If you do it right, chewing gum will turn plastic and elastic and will tear to pieces.

It is important to note that homemade chewing gum for hands will cost you no more than 100 rubles, while store chewing is about 400-600 rubles. True, homemade chewing gum for hands can lose its properties, but there will be enough time to evaluate the properties of chewing gum for hands and decide for yourself whether you need such a toy or not.

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