How to make a car from plasticine

Often, the knowledge of adults about plasticine is limited to the skills of modeling mushrooms, flowers and houses. However, the child such types of art get bored very quickly. So that your baby doesn’t lose interest, we offer you several workshops on how to make a car out of clay. This trick should appeal to a young tomboy.

Sculpt, roll, fasten

How to make a car from plasticine: step-by-step master classes

Even 30 years ago, none of us could even think that the choice of clay could stump an ordinary customer. What kind of materials for sculpting today did not come up with manufacturers to attract as many fans as possible! This is the usual well-known hard plasticine, and soft mass, similar to the dough called PLAY-DOH, and even ball material. Each of them is good in its own way and, undoubtedly, is useful in children's creativity.

The topic of today's conversation is not easy, because we are trying to figure out how to make a car out of plasticine. And here you cannot do without choosing the right materials:

  • If you want to create a real volumetric crafts, unfortunately, the ball clay will have to be abandoned. This material is more suitable for applications, decorating and sculpting small desktop toys.
  • The soft mass of PLAY-DOH, although the most popular today, is also not a good choice, if you plan to sculpt a lot of small details in your work. However, the finished crafts from such material will be extremely difficult to destroy. This plasticine tends to harden with long-term interaction with oxygen.
  • Hard plasticine, known to us since Soviet times, is probably the easiest and most reliable option. Though he rolls up quite tight, but sticks perfectly.

Of course, besides plasticine, you will need other details for modeling, but this will be discussed in more detail in our master classes. So let's get started.

In case of fire, call 101

Young children of preschool age will benefit from lessons on how to make a fire engine out of clay. During such a joint pastime, you, as a parent, can tell the child, why you need the profession of a fireman, why it is dangerous to play with matches, and on what basis this type of vehicle works.

How to make a car from plasticine

Necessary materials:

  • plasticine: red, yellow, black, white and blue;
  • figured little knife;
  • board for sculpting.

Process description:

  1. Roll out of plasticine red 4 balls of medium size and 1 slightly smaller diameter.
  2. Tear off some material from the yellow bar and also roll it into a ball.
  3. Now we turn 4 balls of red color and 1 yellow with fingers into cubes.
  4. Roll the remaining small red ball into a rectangular layer.4 red and 1 yellow balls are turned into cubes with the help of fingers
  5. Use the figured knife to cut from 1 red dice ¼ part. We bond together 2 other cubes of the same color and the largest part of the cut clay.
  6. For a smaller cube, we attach the cabin - a piece of yellow plasticine. In front of the car we attach the hood of the remaining part of the divided piece.For a smaller cube we attach the cabin
  7. The last fourth cube of red clay cut diagonally.
  8. We fix on the cab of the fire engine a long rectangular layer so that a small part of it goes beyond the limits of the windshield.
  9. On top of the cab and on the back of the machine, glue the cube cut diagonally.Fastened on the cab of the fire truck a long rectangular layer
  10. Roll out of red and black clay 6 small balls.
  11. From balls of red color we form disks of wheels, and from black - tires.Roll out of red and black clay 6 small balls
  12. From the material of the main color of vehicles we roll 3 sausages suitable for the cubes width. Fix the clay rods at the bottom of the body.
  13. Then carefully on each side of the glue on the lower wheel arches.

    We roll up 3 sausages that fit the width of the cubes
  14. We form 8 small balls of white clay and 1 of blue.Glue on the lower wheel arches
  15. From 2 balls of white color we make headlights, and the remaining ones are transformed into sausages, which are fixed over the wheels.We make lights from 2 white balls
  16. On the cab of the fire engine we glue the flasher and roll 8 thin sausages made of black clay: 6 for crossbars and 2 for supporting the stairs.
  17. We put together the fire escape and fix it on the cabin of our vehicles.
  18. That's all: the fire truck is ready.

We design a passenger car with a child

This lesson will tell how to mold a regular passenger car out of clay in stages. Pay special attention to this work if your child is not old enough to do all the work on his own. The advantages of such a plasticine machine are that its main composition consists of large parts and very few small ones.

How to make a plasticine machine step by step?

Necessary materials:

  • red, blue and black clay;
  • board for sculpting;
  • figured knife.

Process description:

  1. Tear off two-thirds of the red plasticine from the bar and roll it into a large ball.Roll a big ball
  2. Press the ball with your palm on all sides, forming a neat oblong body. On the one hand, make a small rounding for the hood of the car.Press the ball with the palm from all sides, forming a neat oblong body
  3. The rest of the red sticks also roll into a small ball and attach it in the center of the case.The rest of the red sticks also roll into a small ball
  4. Form the main body of the car, smoothing with your fingers all the irregularities and transitions in modeling.
  5. Now add to the case of blue clay, forming from it the frontal and rear window of the car. Stick the blanks on the case.We form the rear window
  6. In the same way, make and fix the side windows of vehicles.Making the side windows of the machine
  7. Round the shape of the figure knife push through the sides of the body holes for the wheels.Round part of the figure knife push holes for wheels on the sides of the body
  8. Roll up small balls of black clay and form wheels from them. Carefully cut the outline of the headlights and bonnet with a knife.
  9. From the remnants of red plasticine, form and glue to the side windows rear-view mirrors.From the remnants of red clay form rearview mirrors
  10. Finish modeling, rolling and attaching the latest small parts to the machine: glass cleaners, headlights and license plates.

Now you know about plasticine and crafts out of it a little more than the school curriculum. We hope that such joint activities will benefit you and your child. Good luck in your work and success!

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