How to make a cap from the newspaper

Simple lightweight hats can be simply irreplaceable, because they are able to protect the head in different conditions. For example, to avoid overheating and sunstroke, various contaminants getting into your hair (dust, debris, paint droplets, small splashes of dirt, etc.), you can use a paper cap. Make it easy in just a couple of minutes using available tools.

How to make a paper cap?

How to make a cap from the newspaper? Pattern cap: a description of the fabric

  • First you need to determine exactly for whom exactly this cap will be made, since it is necessary to know the size of the future headgear. For example, if it is for a child, then a sheet of A4 paper will be ideal (if necessary, you can simply cut the newspaper to the desired size). But, if the cap is for an adult, then the whole A3 format newspaper roll will do.
  • As soon as you determine the exact size, you can proceed directly to work. We take a sheet of newspaper and fold it in half - from top to bottom. The result should be a fairly long rectangle, it is worth remembering that the future headgear will depend on the shape of the sheet used.
  • Then gently fold one of the corners of the newspaper. It must be remembered that a fairly wide strip of paper should remain at the bottom. The length of the upper part of the cap will be equal to the distance from the middle of the sheet and to its upper angle, which is multiplied by 2.
  • Symmetrically to the 1st place the opposite corner of the newspaper sheet. As a result, should receive the most equal and completely identical bends. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a ruler, of course, if you have it at hand. With the help of the ruler, you can smooth all the bends, and in the future the finished field cap will keep its shape better.
  • That strip, which will remain at the bottom, should be easily stratified into 2 halves, since it will consist of 2 different sides of the newspaper. So, we lift one side up a little and smooth it well. Thanks to these actions, we form the field for the future of caps.
  • According to the same scheme, we bend the fields and from the 2nd side of the crafts. It is necessary to smooth all the folds and estimate the height of the cap - if it will not be too high (this will help determine the vertical fold located in the middle).
  • Then the craft is deployed in such a way that the lower layers of the future field charge will diverge. You can leave it as you have the tips of the fields or bend them inside (here the choice depends only on personal preferences). After finishing the field design, the cap is completely ready and you can safely try it on.
  • However, before proceeding to work, it is worthwhile to carefully select the paper and remember that it will work much harder with a thicker one (difficulties may arise during bending). You should not choose too thin, as it may just break and all the work will be in vain.

DIY paper card: making

How to make a cap from the newspaper? Pattern cap: a description of the fabric

Paper is not only the most affordable, but also easy to use material, from which you can easily make incredible things. In just a couple of minutes, you can make a cap for yourself or a child. All you need is scissors, glue, paper, patience and some free time.

We take a rectangular sheet of plain A4 paper (you can use plain white or colored paper, there are no restrictions here). Lay it out so that its narrow side is at the top and bottom. Next sheet of paper bend in half. Here it is necessary with particular attention to ensure that the parties completely coincide. Now well iron the fold line.

We put in front of us a folded sheet of paper so that the bend line is on top. Then we bend the upper corners towards the middle - you should have a neatly pointed hat.

Now we bring the lower edge of the sheet upward, and inward we fold the corners. We turn the billet on the other side and perform the same operation. Here the main thing is to carefully glue all the corners. If you do not do this, then they will hang around ugly in different directions and constantly bend down. As a result, the finished foil will lose its attractive appearance.

Now you need to wait until the glue dries completely. Then fold the cap in half, gently pull over the center, the corners will have to cover each other. Thanks to the above manipulations, you can significantly strengthen the structure.

Pattern cap: a description of the fabric

How to make a cap from the newspaper? Pattern cap: a description of the fabric

  • You can make a cap not only from paper, but also sew from a fabric. To do this, you need to accurately measure the circumference of the head, as well as determine the height of the future headgear. Then it will be necessary to draw a pattern on paper.
  • We divide by 2 the resulting size of the head circumference and draw a horizontal line, then we determine the height. The main difference between the cap pattern is that it should be indicated and folds. Consequently, after the planned height is planned, you need to add another one to it, and folds will be noted here as well.
  • Slightly round the top of the drawing and the pattern is ready. It remains only to figure out how to sew a fabric through the finished pattern. This is quite simple to do, because the headdress will consist of only 2 identical parts.
  • Now the most important thing is to gently connect them together, make a seam (you need to scribble on a typewriter). For sewing caps it is recommended to choose a sufficiently dense wool fabric, also do not forget about the lining.
  • Before you proceed directly to the sewing, you need to properly iron the fabric, so that later the finished product does not shrink. After you prepare the fabric, you can begin to make cutting.
  • Fold the material in such a way that it faces the inside. Then with the help of tailor pins we fasten the pattern to the fabric and carefully trace it with crayon. We carry out the 2nd line so that from above, below and on the sides there is left on the 1st additional see. Leaving the allowance, you need to take into account the type of fabric - for example, if the material is loose, then leave it to 2 cm. The same procedure is carried out with the future lining.
  • We make basting with contrasting threads, so that they are then easier to remove. Then carefully we stretch all the parts together, we work carefully - all seams should be smooth. Now we remove all the basting - the cap is completely ready. We turn it on the front side, if necessary, iron it so that the product keeps the specified shape. From above you can sew any decorative ornament or leave it so, here everything depends on personal preferences.

Paper cap is a handy thing, with which you can protect your head from the sun, dust or debris during repairs. It is done very easily! You can sew the cap from the fabric using a simple pattern. This headdress will especially please the child.

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