How to make a business card

A business card is a convenient way to express yourself, leave contact details to the right person. It first appeared in France in the 18th century. Of course, the business card was considered the prerogative of the privileged classes: the name, surname and title of the owner were engraved on it. Currently, it is available to everyone.

Since the days of the French nobility, the design of a business card has been simplified. Special attention is now paid not to rich decor, but informativeness. They print phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

How to make a business card: the basic rules

Choosing the design of your future business card, do not save on paper. It should be of high quality. Color and texture depend on your taste, type of activity, relevance. The printed method is also important. Bulk printing will make the card pleasant to the touch, simple - it will be more profitable.

How to make a business card?

The format of a traditional business card in Russia is 90 mm by 50 mm. But such dimensions are not very convenient, it is better to adhere to European standards - 85 mm by 55 mm. This is the width and height of a bank plastic card.

When planning a general view of the business card, remember that the simplest options look the most advantageous. An abundance of decorative elements and an excess of textual information complicates perception.

You can not ignore the logic of location. It is necessary to adhere to the elementary laws of layout. They, in turn, are built according to the laws of perception.

For example, elements are aligned on rulers and logically grouped.

You must adhere to the hierarchy of values. Individual words are captured instantly. Dr. some of the information can be read as needed. For blocks with numbers and letters, it is recommended to use different fonts.

The statement that the font should only be large is incorrect. Small text is read more attentively. Here the psychological moment plays a role, as if the most important information is written in small text. It looks good font size is not larger than 8, but not less than 6.

What can be business cards: the original version

Unusual and exclusive is a business card made of wood. Such processing is achieved by laser engraving on various types of wood. Thickness ranges from 0.6 mm to 4 mm. This design method is suitable for a person engaged in the sale of furniture or a log cabin.

Often there are business cards, made on a metal base. To order they are made from high quality materials. Accurate photochemical engraving, galvanizing and cutting technology is used. A distinctive feature of such a business card is absolute incompatibility, wear resistance, impermeability.

We make a business card in Photoshop

How to make a business card?

Can do business card with your own hands in vintage style. Here are the following tricks that allow us to achieve such an unusual effect.

Determine the parameters given the printing requirements.

Create a new document, enter the following data:

  1. Width - 3.5 inches
  2. Height - 2 inches
  3. Resolution - 300 ppi
  4. Color Mode - CMYK

Create a copy of the background business card layer. Define the work area with a ruler. Set the auxiliary line borders on the right and bottom of the pattern.

Navigate to Image - Canvas Size.


  1. Width - 3.75 inches
  2. Height - 2.25 inches

Set the values:

  1. Top field (horizontal) - 0.25 d
  2. Bottom field (horizontal) - 2 d
  3. Field left (vertical) - 0.25 d
  4. Field on the right (vertical) - 3.5 d

Design a layout. Switch to a copy of the background layer. Use the Gradient tool to set the overall color.

Add texture in the form of old paper. Next, go to the layer overlay mode and set it to Overlap. So we combine the texture and overall color.

Fill the template content. You can create the appropriate logo.

How to make a business card?

Rasterize the layer with the figure.

We will add symbolism to the logo base. Select the Freehand tool. Select CTRL.

Press CTRL + SHIFT + N and use the brush. Draw dashed lines. Duplicate in the right order.

Fill in the fields of the points of our text. Use retro font.

Select all layers and merge into one.

Change the layer blending mode with a vintage effect. Select the dimming base.

Let's duplicate the text layer for more expressiveness.

How to create a business card in word: an action algorithm

  • Tab "Page Layout" - "Size" - "Other page sizes"
  • Opens "Paper Size" (set width - 9.4 cm, height - 5.4 cm)
  • In the field tab, select "Landscape orientation" and set all fields 0.5 cm.
  • Select the background of the page, write the text and insert the logo.

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In the modern world, a business card is necessary not only for a person who has his own business. This method of transferring information about yourself is convenient to use in everyday life. For example, give a new friend contact details. A business card for such purposes can be made independently, having developed a unique design in a suitable computer program and printed it on a printer.

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