How to make a bracelet from threads

Today, various jewelry, which is made by hand, is especially popular. The market for hand-made offers a huge selection of rubber bands, hairpins, bracelets, jewelry and other small but beautiful and dear to the woman's heart gizmos. Handmade bracelets look incredibly stylish and fashionable. Most importantly, it is not so difficult to weave them out of nitoxamost as it seems at first glance.

How to weave bracelets from threads?

Bracelets can become not only a favorite jewelry, but also an excellent gift, especially if you make them with your own hands.

For weaving baubles from threads, you will need the following materials:

  1. Any thick cardboard;
  2. Scotch;
  3. Scissors;
  4. Super glue;
  5. Threads.

They can be absolutely any, the most important thing is to choose a color that will be to your liking. You can not be limited to only the 1st shade, it can be original combinations.

From cardboard, it is necessary to cut strips that fit the girth of the hand. If the cardboard is thin, it is best to glue them together with a super glue. From these strips will need to make a bracelet. In order for the cardboard to keep its shape, you will need to carefully wrap it with adhesive tape.

After that, it will be necessary to start winding the threads, which must be attracted to each other very tightly. In order to secure the thread on the future bracelet you need to use super glue. After the bracelet is finished and the entire surface is wrapped with thread, you need to fix the tip on the inside of the bracelet, also on super glue.

How to weave baubles from threads? You can use another method. The result will be a bracelet with beads mixed with threads. You can use any thread, the most important thing is to choose the appropriate color range.

To weave a bracelet you will need:

  1. The cheapest plastic bracelet;
  2. Beads, on a thread, which can be easily bought in the jewelry department;
  3. Super glue;
  4. Colored thread, or yarn.

Making a bracelet is very easy. To buy a plastic product, you need to glue the beads. After the glue grabs and dries, you just need to wrap the bracelet with threads. The pattern may be different.

Floss bracelet: the manufacture and value of the accessory

Before weaving bracelets from threads, you need to understand the color palette and the meaning of colors. So, the use of white in weaving indicates innocence, kindness and freedom. Choosing shades of red, pink or orange is passion, love and joy. Blue color gives peace, tranquility and hope. But blue - purity, tranquility and friendliness. Baubles with black color can be regarded as signs of loneliness, magic, secrecy and isolation.

Weaving baubles of floss, as well as sewing, should begin with the preparation of all necessary. To do this, you will need selected thread colors, pins, scissors. The number of threads will depend on the desired thickness of the bracelet, but it must be necessarily even. The most optimal use of 8 strands, and their length should be at least 1 m.

The ends of the threads must be fastened so that the bracelet does not twist during weaving, just the pins will help here.

It is necessary to begin work with an extreme right thread, it is for her that it is necessary to tie up the next thread. Most often make 2 knots. With the same thread, you need to knit knots on subsequent threads, until the very last. After the 1st row was completed, as a result, diagonal stripes of nodules are visible. The next row is woven according to the same principle, but only the next thread, the second from the right, is necessary. Floss Fenichka is woven until the required length is reached.

A simple master class for beginners

How to make a bracelet from threads?

How to make a bracelet from threads?

How to make a bracelet from threads?

Useful video tutorials

Before embarking on complex weaving, names, intricate patterns. It is necessary to understand and learn how to make simple baubles. Only in this case can success be achieved without loss, both of time and material. Before starting work, determine the color of the thread. The finished product should not only be in harmony with your wardrobe, but also reflect your inner worldview.

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