How to make a bouquet of soft toys

It is pleasant for any woman to receive bouquets as a gift, because this is a small portion of attention that a close person can give us. But nevertheless, if you get the same bouquets for all significant dates, in which diversity is occasionally made, then the emotions from them will be completely different. I want something unusual and cute, and a bouquet of soft toys is ideal for this. You can buy a plush bouquet in Moscow, for example, on this site. You can hint to your loved one that you would very much like to receive as a gift just such a bunch. But you can make a bouquet of soft toys yourself, and then present it to the hero of the day for his birthday party.

How to make a bouquet of soft toys?

Usually for such a bunch of use teddy bears, but you can use other small toys. What are the advantages of this bouquet? Such a gift will be remembered for a long time and will cause the most sincere delight. Unlike the floral bouquet, it will never fade, you will not have to throw it out after a couple of days and forget about it, you can take a bouquet of soft toys at any time and it will remind you who presented it! Recently, giving such bouquets is becoming very fashionable, because it speaks of your imagination and originality. In addition, to give such a bouquet is not so expensive, for the price it turns out like a normal bouquet. A bouquet of soft toys is also good because it is a two-in-one gift - a gift and a bouquet. So, how to make this unusual bouquet?

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What toys are suitable for a bouquet?

Many have old toys at home, and the question arises whether such toys will fit the bouquet? In principle, for a bouquet of soft toys any toy, both new and old, both purchased and hand-made, will fit. But of course, if these are not new toys, then they should not look scruffy or improper. If you are going to be engaged in the manufacture of bouquets of soft toys for commercial purposes, then it is best to buy toys at the wholesale bases, as the choice there is usually better, and the prices are lower. Suitable for bouquets and musical toys, as well as small toys, key chains.

How to make a bouquet of soft toys?

How to attach toys in a bouquet?

As a basis for fixing toys in a bouquet, thick foam is most often used; you can also take polystyrene foam. In the extreme case, you can use cardboard for the base, but it is much more problematic to fasten toys on it and this design will be fragile.

What do we do next? A piece of foam is taken and a circle is cut from it so that it can fit all the toys in a bouquet. Do not touch the top of the base, let it remain flat, but the lower part can be slightly trimmed under the cone. Then start making a pen for your bouquet. The handle in such a bouquet can be made from materials that will be at hand, for example, from a thick poster or the cover of a glossy magazine. You can make a handle from a piece of plastic pipe.

How to make a bouquet of soft toys?

Now how to fix the toys in a bunch. There are different methods of fastening, but the easiest is to glue the toys with a glue gun. But this method has a rather significant minus, when extracting toys from a bouquet, they will not be available without damaging the toys. This method is only suitable if you are going to give toys to adults, they, as a rule, have no desire to get toys, but for children it’s better to use another way, because they are very curious and will definitely try to get toys.

If you decide to make a bouquet with the ability to extract toys, then fasten them with ribbons or bows, to which the toys will be tied with wooden skewers.

There is also a way of fixing toys with a special floristic wire. To do this, take a piece of wire and gently pierce the bottom of the toy, sometimes use steel wire, but it is quite difficult to bend. Pierce each toy through, then bend the wire and twist its two ends down.

How to make a bouquet of soft toys?

Now you just need to stick your toys in the base, sit down your little animals as you like. The advantage of this method is that you can transplant your toys many times and make the perfect bouquet composition. But before attaching the toys to the base, you should fasten the handle to the base, and drape the base. How to drape the base? To do this, you can use any textile material, wrap a piece of it around the base and attach it with glue, pins or a stapler. Insert the handle into the hole made in the base, smeared with glue.

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Making a bouquet of toys

Just make a bouquet of toys - this is still half the battle, it needs to be beautifully decorated.This bouquet can be decorated with corrugation, sticking it to the handle. Then you should take care of the skirt for a bunch of toys. Skirt can also be made from corrugations. Take any suitable object, wrap it in a corrugation and grease it with glue. With two sides firmly press the corrugation, secure with pins and wait until the glue dries, after which you can remove the pins. Pull the object out of the corrugations and make ryushka on one side. This is easy to do, if you bend the edge with your fingers or stretch it with your nails, the edge will immediately become wavy. Then pull out the other edge of the corrugations and put them on the bouquet. After this, tie a bunch of ribbons.

How to make a bouquet of soft toys?

When you have tied a ribbon, by all means stick a skirt to the handle, as it can tear off or be tattered. It is easy to glue it, just lift the bottom of the corrugations, grease it with hot glue, immediately lower it and press it firmly to the handle. Now, almost everything is ready. If you did everything right, then nothing will come off. At will the bouquet can be put in a vase or a jar, to decorate it with rhinestones, beads or other decorative material.

You can buy a bouquet of soft toys in Moscow or order bouquets of soft toys in bulk.

It may seem to you that making a bouquet of soft toys is complicated, but it is not. You just need to understand all the subtleties and, having made such a bouquet once, then you can easily experiment with toys and please your loved ones with such unusual gifts!

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