How to make a bouquet of socks and pants for a man with his

Showing a little imagination, you can completely transform even the most trivial gift. For example, create a socks booklet for a man with his own hands. This gift combines several advantages at once: practicality, originality and beauty of design, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate to the donee a special approach to the gift and to it itself. How to make a bouquet of socks and / or pants?

Bouquet of socks for men with their own hands

How difficult is it to make such a masterpiece? Our tips will help you evaluate this in practice.

Why socks or underwear to make into bouquets?

It is believed that such items of clothing can be presented only to the closest people: husband, son, father, brother. However, this rule can be broken - with the original filing and the hero of the occasion has a great sense of humor. A practical and beautiful bouquet from a combination of panties and socks or these items of men's wardrobe, taken separately, will be an excellent addition to the main gift. Having added your floral masterpiece with a floral net, beads and artificial leaves, you will force the recipient to smash his head thoroughly before he realizes what the composition presented to him is made of!

So, how to make a bouquet of socks for a man with his own hands?

First, decide whether the “flowers” ​​will consist of individual socks or folded in pairs. Remember that the number of colors must be odd. And because when choosing the first option, one pair will need to be put together. This flower will be larger and more dense than others, so it can be used to decorate the central part of the composition.

So, we proceed to the creation of a gift-bouquet.


  • several pairs of multi-colored socks;
  • pins or erasers for pulling notes;
  • floral ribbons, nets, etc .;
  • Corrugated paper, decorative bucket, vase or other elements used for the final design of the gift.


If you want to create a socks booklet for a man, the master class will help you to successfully solve this problem.

Bouquet of socks for men with their own hands

For more convenience, you can consider the process of making a gift step by step.

  1. Carefully flatten the sock.
  2. Begin to roll it into a roll, gradually moving from toe to heel, and then to the fingers.
  3. In order for the flower to keep its shape better, the sock needs to be bent around the foot.
  4. Gently wrap the bottom of the sock at the base of your bud and secure it with a pin or rubber band.
  5. Carefully flatten the top of the resulting flower.
  6. For the convenience of assembling a bouquet, all tightly twisted socks should be put on bamboo skewers or cocktail tubules.

To make an original booklet of socks for a man with his own hands, it can be supplemented with artificial flowers of a contrasting color. They will revive the composition and make it truly festive.

Bouquet of socks for men with their own hands

Alternatively, your creation can be placed in the original "vase". For this purpose, suitable decorative bucket of bright color. And the picture will be supplemented with dried flowers and floral paper, indispensable for decorating bouquets.

Why socks or underwear to make into bouquets?

In general, turn your fantasy to full power!

No less original will look for a man of socks and shorts.

Do not be afraid to be original, especially if your addressee is a close enough person! A gift in the form of a beautiful bouquet of socks or using it as a non-standard "appendage" to a more substantial offering will appeal to any man with a developed sense of humor. And for you the title of the person who can change even the most ordinary things will be fixed. Be creative - and your talent will not remain unappreciated!

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