How to make a boat out of paper with your own hands

Many of us made paper boats as a child. Now, with trepidation, we recall how, being small, together with other children we let out hand-made ships in brooks or puddles. The art of making paper figurines is called origami. Origami originates in the distant past, and Japan is considered its homeland. Although there is a perception that for the first time decorative and applied crafts were made in ancient China.

You can master the technique of origami yourself, and for children there are specialized art circles and school electives. Today you will learn how to make a boat out of paper. Step-by-step instruction with illustrations will help you with this.

What materials will be required for practicing origami?

What materials will be required for practicing origami?

In order to build a ship on origami technique, you will need:

  • paper;
  • glue;
  • paints;
  • scissors;
  • cutter;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • additional accessories for the decoration of crafts.

Before you start to build a ship in origami style of paper, you need to choose the right material. You can use any paper, but office is best suited. For modular origami, office paper is simply an indispensable thing, as it is highly dense, non-slip and has a rough surface.

For the construction of the boat is perfect color office paper double-sided, because it will not turn white on the folds. For relatively small crafts, you can use square paper. Often, origami lovers use even small colored stickers, creased, cramped, glossy and wrapping paper. If you or your child are seriously engaged in this kind of applied art, then you can make your own crafts using Japanese paper, kami or woshi.

Making a paper boat: the main stages

Making a paper boat: the main stages

Making a boat out of paper with your own hands will be interesting not only for the child, but also for his parents. This is a wonderful joint pastime: you can teach your child how to work with small details on their own, draw them out and glue them together. This, in turn, instills accuracy and perseverance, as well as develops fine motor skills of your offspring. Many of us are fond of origami at leisure. This is a great hobby, especially since paper can be used to build amazing and complex crafts. In the meantime, together with you we will make a paper ship or boat.

Before you start work, you need to prepare the workplace. Remove all unnecessary items, and place the necessary material at hand. Scissors or cutter can be used to cut parts. Remember that the cutter is convenient when cutting paper at right angles. Modern technology origami allows you to build a variety of ships: simple boats, sailboats, multi-tiered ships with masts and sails, etc.

So, in order to build a boat out of paper, you need a diagram. Step-by-step instructions will help to make crafts without much effort:

  1. We take a sheet of paper (the usual A4 format will do) and fold it in half (Fig. 1).
  2. Next, we reduce the angles of the right and left edges to the center and bend them (Fig. 2).
  3. Under the cone formed, we straighten two edges, as if we are making a platform (Fig. 3).
  4. You formed corners on the side of the cone, so you need to wrap them on top of the product on both sides (Fig. 4).
  5. Carefully push the edges of the product. You should have a cone with a cavity inside (fig. 5).
  6. Next, join the opposite corners and get a diamond (Fig. 6).
  7. Rhombic is bent in the middle, each edge is lifted alternately. Thus, you have a triangle with three compartments (Fig. 7-8).
  8. At the end, gently spread the edges of the product. And here is a small boat ready. It should be in the form of a boat with a sailboat (Fig. 9).

Making a paper boat: the main stages

How else can you simulate a boat made of paper?

As you have noticed, the design of the ship - the whole art, and it can be modeled not only from paper. Today, ships made of foam plastic, clay, matchboxes, toothpicks, wood, and traffic jams are becoming more and more popular.

How else can you simulate a boat made of paper?How else can you simulate a boat made of paper?

To build them is also quite easy. You only need to have at hand all the necessary materials and, of course, be patient. Some craftsmen use a variety of vegetables and fruits to build a boat. A fine souvenir will be a ship, whose masts and sails are made of sweets, and, as you know, such crafts today have become very relevant gifts for any celebration.

ship construction

Special attention should be paid to crafts in the bottle. The difficulty lies not in the design of the ship itself, but in its placement in the bottle and its attachment. This is almost a jewelry job. But such a gift can be presented to your loved ones, colleagues or boss. The boat in a bottle of paper will perfectly fit into any interior and will be its designer decoration.

designing decorative shipsdesigning decorative ships

paper boats

cardboard boat

paper and cardboard boat

pirate paper boat

Engage in the design of decorative ships of various materials is possible for fun. For some, making handicrafts is not only a pleasure and a great leisure, but also a source of income. As already mentioned, the crafts you can give or put in your house. If you need to organize a thematic party, for example, a pirate party, you can decorate the walls with small boats or hang them from the ceiling. The decoration of the fishing net by various boats and ships will look beautiful.

Experts say that modeling ships is an excellent psychotherapy. Indeed, in the manufacturing process, you put your soul into your work and focus only on the design of parts, and this allows you to escape from everyday troubles and problems. Teach yourself and your children to the beautiful, do crafts with your own hands and get pleasure from it.

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